The USS Waterford ARD-5

USS Waterford ARD-5, 
Groton Sub Base, Connecticut
The USS Waterford ARD-5
Groton Sub Base, Connecticut
Painting Credit: William RaVell iii


USS Waterford, USS Milton, Groton Sub Base, Connecticut
USS Waterford and USS West Milton
Groton Sub Base, Connecticut
Photo Credit: Unknown


For all the sub mates I served with at Groton


Going Home to Connecticut

After a family emergency, the Navy transferred

me to duty aboard the USS Waterford

at the New London-Groton Submarine base,

in my home state of Connecticut.


Having my duty served at the sub base made it

easier for me to be able to take care of

my mother who had become very ill

and still enjoy the rest of my time in the navy.

But, I still miss being on the "goose" even to this day.


While serving aboard the Waterford,

which was actually a floating dry dock,

at the Groton Sub Base, our daily duties

included lowering the ship into the

Thames River allowing the subs to come

into the dry dock for repairs and painting.


My personal duties were as a Crane operator,

setting up the dry dock to accept subs,

running starboard side deck crew

and standing deck watches.


What I learned in the two years spent on

the Betelgeuse made my two years

on the Waterford seem to sail by.


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