Holy Loch, Scotland

The Goose and the Proteus in Holy Loch, Scotland

The "Goose" and the Proteus in Holy Loch

Photo credit: NavSource

The Goose and the Proteus in Holy Loch, Scotland

The "Goose"along side the sub tender USS Proteus in 1962 in port at Holy Loch, Scotland

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On my first trip and liberty in Scotland,

I jumped into a cab (the driver was on the right side)

and had him slowly drive me around Holy Loch.

View from Starboard Aft of the "Goose" April 1962

Photo credit: Bill Malloy & Bob "Skinny" Scannell


I stopped at a pub for a warm dark draft beer

and then reported back to the "goose."

Just as I thought, Holy Loch and all of Scotland

was a beautiful place and the people

were warm and friendly.

Holy Loch, Scotland April 1962

Photo credit: Bill Malloy & Bob "Skinny" Scannell


On my second trip, I joined some shipmates

on a Liberty pass and we went to

the Blarney castle and then took a

slow trip around Cork, Ireland.

as with Scotland, Ireland was a really

beautiful country too and I never

tired of visiting either of them.


While in Cork we stopped at a pub (just for a test mind you)

and I noticed that the local country men prided

themselves at guessing the country or countries

that my fellow shipmates were from.


When it became my turn, to have a little fun

with them, I gave my American Native name Storey,

instead of saying Kelley because I knew that my

mothers side had Irish and Mohegan ancestry.


that was the first time that I found out that

I had Irish on both sides of my family.

well shut my mouth!


On later trips I got to visit Dublin

and Belfast, Ireland.

they were just as beautiful.

The Robert L Wilson DD 847 April 1962

Photo credit: Bill Malloy & Bob "Skinny" Scannell


For any of you who have been to Holy Loch,

there is a great place to list your information,

in case you want to get in touch with others

who have served there.

The Holy Loch email List:



Post script:

I feel very sad for some of the bitterness that I have read

in different places on the Internet about the

presence of our US Naval forces in Scotland

during the Cold War era of the Sixties.

I personally can remember nothing but kindness and

friendship from each of my many trips to that beautiful country.




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