Charleston Naval Base
Charleston, South Carolina

Pier J, Charleston Navy Yard
Pier J, Charleston Naval Yards

Photo credits:
South Carolina Department of Archives & History

Charleston Dry Dock
Charleston Dry Dock


Charleston Naval Memorial Park

Lone Sailor guards the Memorial
Photo credit: Walkingfox


The Charleston and the Norfolk naval ship yards

were where we docked while state side for loading

and unloading supplies and equipment.


Like most crews, we had our favorite places

to hang out while home and on liberty.

I have many fond memories of the Green Lantern

and the Long horn, but of course neither

of them are still open for business.


Sometimes the work was long and hard however,

the liberty was just as long and hard.

I like to believe that she, (the Goose), was a

perfect ambassador to the British Islands.

the people that I met while learning

about these great countries were all

warm, helpful and friendly,

they opened their hearts and their towns

and were always so eager to teach.




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