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Hello fellow Ship Mates


During my service in the US Navy, 

I was a Boatswain mate.





I made BMSN or 3rd class while on the "Goose"

and then Boatswain mate 2nd class.

I worked out of The Bosn's Locker and

the #5 hole and enjoyed my turn at the winches.

I helped at the #4 hole when necessary and while

at general quarters, I helped man the #4 gun turret.


This youtube video shows several of the pipe sounds of the Bosun mate.

Sounds of the Bosun's Call



From the very beginning there

were Boatswain Mates:

Birth of the US Navy


About Boatswain Mates:

These first two references are from Wikipedia,

not always the most accurate resource,

however for learning general History of Boatswain mates,

they are both fairly good and easy to understand:

Boatswain Mates

US Navy Boatswain Mates


Navy Traditions - The Boatswains


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