In memory of....

LCDR Philip M. Armstrong:
July 4, 1929 - June 8, 1967




April 24, 2009

This year during the 19th annual USS Betelgeuse reunion

in North Charleston, South Carolina,

we honored LCDR Philip McCutcheon Armstrong

with a ceremony and a celebration of his life

on the naval Memorial park grounds.




Robert " Skinny" Scannell, a "Goose" crew member and the driving force

behind this dedication ceremony and memorial for LCDR Philip Armstrong.

a large crowd of the "goose" crew, as well as friends, family members

and others came to honor this very special Naval Officer.




Jim Kavanagh from the USS Liberty at the site of the new

dedication/memorial for LCDR Philip Armstrong.

Some of those who came to honor LCDR Armstrong

and spoke that day, were very emotional in recalling

their memories of him, bringing tears to the eyes of many

also who knew the caliper of officer that he was.


LCDR Armstrong was one of my Commanding Officers,

while I was on board the "Goose" and

I can honestly say that I never worked with

a finer officer during my Naval career.


Armstrong was a 1953 graduate of the US Naval Academy

in Annapolis, Maryland whose Sea duties

included service on both the USS Betelgeuse

and the USS Liberty.


LCDR Armstrong served on the "Goose" from 1959-1962,

then transferred to the USS Liberty,

where he was killed in action During

the Arab-Israeli War on June 8, 1967.


Armstrong was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously

and is memorialized in the Hall of Heroes at

the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

In our humble way to honor him at this ceremony,

a tree and a bronze plaque were dedicated in his name.




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