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December 30, 2012

General Schwarzkopf Remembered In Tampa

A general is a general, is a general, if he or she,

 is a good general and this was a very good General.

I for one, am betting that although he was a great general during

and after retirement, General Schwarzkopf was an even

better general before he was in the military.

General Schwarzkopf, like MacArthur and Patton,

was ideal for our military, each one at the right time,

because they rose through the ranks at the right time.

Each of them were squashed, or removed, far too soon

by politicians, most of whom had no military experience.

As usual, later military men and women had to suffer by

cleaning up their politicians messes.

In every one of our so called wars, we allowed our politicians

to show their jealousy and kick the generals out of the war.

for instance, in WW2, we should have allowed Patton to through Germany

and meet up with MacArthur from Japan, but they were both fired

and the war continued into what we now call the Korean War

and then the Vietnam conflict.

We couldn't even call my war a war.

General Schwarzkopf wanted to continue on into Iraq,

until the Republican Guard surrendered and

Saddam Hussein was removed from power, but, he was

fired and we ended up with the Shock and Awe war.

General Norman Schwarzkopf Remembered



December 23, 2012

Can We Call This A Christmas Miracle?

Another two of our brothers from the Vietnam War that

we finally can say " Welcome Home " to.

Major. James L. Whited and Army Capt. James J. Johnstone's

airplane crashed on November 19, 1966 in Laos,

which was an awful mess that we never should have been in.

Although, the crash site was looted by locals, Johnstone's AMEX

card was returned to US government officials by a villager

more than 40 years later, helping to identify him.

Thank you to the villager with a heart, who returned these things,

to allow closure for the grieving families here in the US.

Captain Johnstone was buried in Arlington National Cemetery

on December 12, 2012 with full military honors.

Burial details for Major Whited were not included in this story.

US Soldiers Killed In 1966 Identified



December 16, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking U.S. Navy

OK, once again we have to deal with our crying navy.

Oh well, the rest of the country has to deal with a phony Fiscal Cliff.

If our military had their way, we could give them 100% of our taxes

to share and they would spend it all and then ask for more.

Tighten up your belt just like the rest of the country.

First thing, stop wasting our tax money on old fashioned bombing<

almost every day at the Pine Ridge Range near us here in Florida.

Next, our politicians need to learn that we cannot and

should not, still be the babysitters for the entire world.

It is time for every country on this planet that wishes

to be a free country, to pull their own weight.

If countries do not wish to be taken over by a bully country,

then, they will need to improve their military and we will be glad

to sell them as much fire power as they feel that they need.

our military needs to come home and protect our country.

Our Incredible Shrinking Navy



December 9, 2012

Having A Bad Day?

Just when you thought that you were having a bad day,

along comes a few attacks.

US Navy Hit by 110,000 Cyber Attacks Per Hour

That's more than 96 billion attacks a year.

My Navy's IT network is targeted by 110,000 attacks every hour,

or 1,833 per minute.

US Navy Hit By Cyber Attacks



December 2, 2012

'Tis The Season To "Hug The Rust"

Eugene "Pete" Smith, 88, a WWII Navy veteran from Iowa,

has finally received his service ribbons and medals.

Smith, a veteran of World War II, like so many other veterans of wars,

 did not receive his medals and ribbons until now!

This holiday season, the family's of veterans need to check with the

government because, it may not be a big deal to your veteran, but

it sure was a big deal to their branch of service, the government

and "we the people" they served!

I liked his words, " Hug the rust, "  I remember them well,

as do all Navy Vets!

Navy WWII Veteran Finally Receives His Medals



November 25, 2012

Our Navy Is Closing In On Having Lasers On Its Ships

A US Navy armed with laser weapons is neither science fiction,

nor a scene from a Star Wars movie, in fact, it could become a reality

in as soon as two years on our battleships and aircraft carriers.

this newest estimation date of putting the plan to work, comes from

Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, who is chief of the Office of Naval Research.

The date for becoming a fact, has been moved up after recent positive tests.

Although expensive to put into place, after initial costs, the eventual maintenance

of the laser system, will be considerably less than with conventional weaponry.

When the Navy eventually does put these new laser weapons in place,

it will once again take its place as the world leader on the high seas.

US Navy Two Years Away From Arming Warships With Lasers

US Navy Laser A Couple Years Away



November 18, 2012

My Gators Doing Good For Wounded Veterans

Two of my favorite organizations, the Florida Gators GROWL

and the Wounded Warriors Project, recently teamed up to raise

money for our Wounded Veterans in need.

GROWL will donate $25,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project

because of the great ticket sales to the Gators game.

This is a win-win in my opinion.

Oh and by way, my Gators just could be in the hunt for a National title.

These youngsters were not considered to be final contenders

at the start of the season, but as of today,

thanks to two unbelievable losses at the top,

they just could be in it to win it.

Go figure.

Here are links to the story and these great organizations:

Gator GROWL 2012 Announces Host

Wounded Warrior Project




November 11, 2012

It's Never Too Late To Say Welcome Home

Please remember, it is never too late to say WELCOME HOME!!!

On November 12, 1942 near Savo Island, one of the smallest islands

in the Solomon Island Chain, a US task force led by heavy cruiser,

the USS San Francisco, took on and defeated a Japanese fleet

headed for the fight in Guadalcanal.

After having survived being at Pearl Harbor, Tucker was killed

during the Battle at Savo Bay, which took 107 US lives in total.

Flags will fly during the month of November in New Bedford,

Massachusetts, to honor Coxswain Tucker.

Today, on this Veterans Day, all of my prayers will be dedicated to those

who never came home, because of their dedication to protect our freedom

Flag Honors WWII Navy Veteran Francis Tucker



November 4, 2012

Hang On New Jersey And New York, The Navy Is Coming

While Romney and the Republican Party are charging around the country

telling everyone how bad our President is, our President is doing his

job with business as usual and NO politics!

There was a great line in the movie "American President,"

with Michael Douglas, when things got really tough.

Well, that line really applies right now to you Mr. Romney,

because his name is Barack Obama and he IS the President!

So help, "Navy style," is on the way to the victims on the East Coast,

The US Navy Warships, USS Wasp, USS San Antonio and

USS Carter Hall are bringing Helicopters and US Marines

to the people of New York and New Jersey.

This mission is to provide a landing platform for the Coast Guard,

National Guard and civilian helicopters who are helping in storm

recovery efforts for the victims of Super Storm Sandy.

Many people don't know that these kind of Humanitarian or

rescue missions in the United States and around the world,

are a big part of the Navy's "Unspoken Mission."

US Navy Warships Offer Aid After Super Storm Sandy



October 28, 2012

Another New Ship Made In America

I really love reading these kind of stories.

It is so good to know that we are continuing to make

our Ships here and not in other countries.

First, we need the jobs and second, we need the moral boost

that knowing this gives all of the members of the Navy.

The USS Fort Worth was commissioned in Galveston, Texas and

will be home ported in San Diego, California.

With a price tag of $480 million, this littoral combat ship is the

third in the fleet of a 21 ships to be made by Lockheed Martin

and General Dynamics.

The people of the city the ship is named for, Fort Worth,

will share responsibility, not only for future repairs to the ship,

but also in helping out the families of the crew if they need it.

Everybody wins!

Our Ship Has Come In



October 21, 2012

Time For The Navy To Put Wildlife Before War

The US Navy has shown me once again, that it values testing their

weapons more than it does protecting living wild creatures.

It is time for them to step down and/or rethink these dangerous

practices and their consequences in our World's Oceans.

The living things have no where else to go, the Navy does.

Hope the NRDC keeps up the pressure on them, until they see

the errors of their ways with wildlife.

NRDC Challenges Navy Over Use Of Sonar In World's Oceans



October 7, 2012

Ships Can Move to Save Whales

Off the shores of California, Whales have been washing up with

severe injuries that have led to their deaths and Cargo ships,

both civilian and military, appear to have been the cause.

These whales are endangered, some more that others, but the

point is that they should not sharing the same pathways

where these huge Cargo Ships are traveling.

The Fin, Humpback and Blue whales are the ones who have most

often been the victims of these deadly ship strikes.

Now, in a joint effort, NOAA, the US Coast Guard, Shipping companies

and whale groups, have come up with an entirely separate

path for each to be in, along with increased whale watching

by trained Navy personnel on board the ships.

If this new idea is successful in California, it is hoped that the

United Nations will then pick it up and spread the word.

These animals deserve not only to be protected, but to be respected,

they are living breathing representatives of mammals, like humans.

and they need to be treated as such.



September 30, 2012

Welcome To The Homes For Heroes Foundation

"Help Us Help Heroes"

Building homes for heroes, Inc. was founded in 2006 and

is a non profit organization.

They are a public charity exempt from federal

income tax under section 501(c)( 3)

Homes for heroes is in most states in the country.

I would like to be able to say that they are in every state in this

country and every country in the world because they fix up or

renovate foreclosures or build new from the ground up homes

for the military heroes who gave everything for us.

The group's primary purpose is to provide or co-ordinate financial assistance

and/or housing resources to heroes such as military personnel,

police /peace officers, firefighters and first responders who are in need.

The mission of the homes for heroes foundation through its growing network

of contractors and donors, is to continue to provide mortgage free homes

to our severely wounded or disabled war veterans.

Building Homes For Heroes



September 23, 2012

A Navy Alternative Energy System

This newest Navy Alternative energy system at the Naval Air Station

in Jacksonville, Florida, brings up some ideas never talked about

before in savings found when converting over to Solar Energy.

The flexible, copper based system that is waterproof and has

multiple layers, is called " thin film, " uses an adhesive that

provides additional insulation, which saves energy that would

have normally been lost in the heating and cooling processes.

Construction of this new solar panel system, the largest one ever

to be built on, or as a part of a building in the U.S. Navy,

began in October 2011 and went online in July 2012.

The Navy's Thin Layer Solar System



September 17, 2012

It's About Time

For once a friendly country is going to protect itself

without our men and money, what a concept.

South Korea will allow our finishing of the Naval base on

Jeju Island, which will then hopefully be maintained

and then owned by their own country, while building

their own Naval Facility on Baengnyeong Island.

So, which friendly country will be the next to step up to the plate?

As a friend, we are pleased to help you when we are needed,

but, it is now time for you to help yourself.

Plans For South Korean Naval Bases Moving Forward



August 26, 2012

Navy's Oldest Ship Warship Set To Sail

The USS Constitution, or Old Ironsides, was built in Boston in

the Charlestown Navy Yard, now known as the Boston Navy Yard.

She will sail under her own power, for only the second time in a

hundred years, after being first launched in 1797.

The event is in memory of the famous battle during the War of 1812,

from which she got her name, Old Ironsides!

I know that she is an American ship because I studied her is school

and was on her deck and got to enjoy seeing her all of my life,

while I lived in Connecticut.

I hate to always be complaining, but it took me three tries,

before I found this story about our own US Navy Ship,

that was written by an American newspaper!

"Old Ironsides" was more than likely the first thing

made in the USA, for the USA!

People, we need to stop "outsourcing our pride,"

We need to get back to Made in the USA!

The USS Constitution



August 19, 2012

A New Way To Say Thank You

85 year old WWII Navy Veteran Ken Hagan, who is originally

from Connecticut and is now retired, I'm guessing, down here

in Brooksville, Florida, recently attended a pretty

great dinner for Veterans in Connecticut.

The fourth year of this event, called " Operation Lobster Dinner, "

took place at the Navy Sub Base in Groton, Connecticut and was

sponsored by Grossman's Seafood in Groton, whose manager

Sean Coleman, just happens to be Hagan's grandson,

This event gives out 500 free Lobster dinners to both active

and retired Veterans and their families.

Hagan is a Veteran of WW II, Korea and Viet Nam and is also a

former resident of Connecticut who used to work at the base.

I just happened to find this story recently while reading

my old paper, the New London Day, one that I read

most of the years that I lived in Connecticut.

Saying Thanks With Lobster



August 11, 2012

In Honor of Flight 93

The Navy has just christened a ship to honor the crew

and passengers of the United Airlines Flight 93,

the plane that went down in Somerset, Pa. on September 11,

after being hijacked by terrorists.

The USS Somerset, an amphibian transport dock ship,

is the third ship to be named after the 9/11 tragedy,

following the USS New York and the USS Arlington.

The passengers and crew of flight 93, stopped the terrorists from

destroying their intended target of Washington D.C.

In 2008, steel from a drag line bucket that had been part of a memorial at the

crash site, was melted down and incorporated into the hull of the ship.

Navy To Christen Ship In Honor Of Flight 93



August 8, 2012

No Cuts, The Military Gets A Raise!

We need to Kick the lobbyists out of politics.

In a recent speech in Las Vegas, Vice President Joe Biden told

the audience that Republicans are responsible for stopping the

budget deal that would have provided money for the Pentagon.

He said that Americas military members will not face any budget cuts,

but will be well taken care of for as long as they live.

Biden also said that neither Defense spending, nor the American

military budget will be cut.

The VA budget has been increased by 30%, but the audience did not seem

very impressed, when Biden told them that the problems at the VA

and homeless Veterans would be taken care of.

Wonder how our Veterans would be cared for by Candidate Romney?

Veterans Applaud Biden's Speech



August 5, 2012

Everyone Reached Out To Help Reopen A Vet Thrift Store

A local Eustis thrift store that helps homeless Veterans in

Lake County, was recently closed for some code violations,

but now thanks to some generous people, it will reopen.

A Spaghetti Fundraiser was held and many local contractors

donated not only their time, but their materials

as well, to make this all happen.

If you want to help this very worthy Veterans group,

please call Lloyd Thoren at: 702 8245

or Helen Shaut at: 552-3899

or the VORRH shelter at: 352 589-0545

Donations to VORRH may be sent to:

P.O. Box 1754, Eustis, Florida 32727

Contractors Donate To Help Vet Thrift Store Reopen



August 2, 2012

This Is As Low As You Can Get

A California Company has been fined $2.5M for ripping off

American Veterans who wanted to go back to school.

Their web site called the, deliberately led Veterans

to believe that they were a part of the US Government Programs,

but instead were referring Vets to for-profit schools.

As a Navy Veteran who served along with my High School friends,

many of whom did not come home from Viet Nam, we resent and

do not appreciate the disrespectful way that this Company did business.

The owner of this business and their web site is QuinStreet Inc.,

who has had to turn the web site over to the V.A. and also had

to shut down the Facebook and Twitter sites connected to it.

We who have served, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and

these kinds of Companies should be made an example of in this Country.

They should not be allowed to ever do business here again, ever!

Company That Steered Vets To For-Profit Colleges Pays Fines Of $2.5 M



July 30, 2012

We Owe Them Everything

Nine Florida WWII Veterans, recently received the Legion Of Honor,

which is France's highest honor, for their military service in the War.

The men spoke about their time in the service and shared stories about the

long ago events and remembered those who did not come home with them.

This award was originally created by Napoleon in 1802, for those who

have given a life of outstanding service, both military and civilian,

and the list includes, Edison, Bell, Dumas and Hugo.

After the men had been given their awards, one of the recipients,

Earl gullette, asked to speak and then said, "Vive la France!"

Yes, this recognition by France was a long time in coming,

but for these brave nine men, better late than never!

Earl Gullett, 87, of Lakeland, Edward Doyle 88, of Seminole,

Arthur Meeks, 93, of Lakeland, Joseph Anderson, 89, of Bradenton,

Cosmo DeFazio, 87, of Beverly Hills, George Difalco, 88, of Lakeland,

Frank Gresser, 87, of Spring Hill, Donald Walters, 88, of Lady Lake,

and Hugh Wyn Griffith, 87, of Seminole.

France Salutes 9 Florida WWII Vets



July 27, 2012

The Navy Attacked My Old Swimming Hole

In preparation for OPSail 2012 CT, the US Navy

recently stormed the beach in Connecticut.

No, this wasn't a Hollywood movie scene, it was a

carefully orchestrated Military operation.

On July 6, the USS Carter Hall sent an LCAC, Landing Craft Air cushioned,

with marine vehicles on shore to prepare for Battle.

While on shore, members of the crew were treated to a dinner to honor them.

Would have loved to have seen this event and

bet it was an awesome site in my old stomping grounds!

This years OPSail 2012 CT was in remembrance of the War of 1812.

having been to many of these Sailing Events, I am sure,

that it was a very jubilant day for those lucky enough

to get to attend it and the presence of these great ships,

only made it all that much better.

US Navy To Storm Niantic's Hole-In-The-Wall Beach



July 24, 2012

Had A Gut Feeling All Along!

Did you also get a feeling in your gut when

this story first broke back in May?

I have worked in shipyards and my ships have been in

shipyards for an overhaul, so I did get a gut feeling

about this right from the first.

One of my ships, the USS Waterford ARD-5,

was a shipyard for the subs.

So, you're wondering why this country can't get work for our Military?

This guy, this jerk, this loser, did more damage to one of our ships,

our Boats, than any terrorists could have done since WW-2.

This so called "one of us good guys," was just trying to get

a day off from work and it looks like he might get his wish!

That is until he gets to prison and I for one,

hope that means Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!

The boat will cost a lot more to make it sea ready,

than to just build another,

This guy should have to pay back every single dollar,

out of his pocket with blood, sweat and tears,

even if it takes the rest of his life, which it would.

The Navy has yet to determine if it will repair the

$900 million Miami, or just scrap it.

It all makes me sick.

Worker Charged In Maine Nuclear Submarine Fire



July 21, 2012

Our Navy Needs To Buy American Made

Question: Why is Congress still allowing our Navy to

buy from other countries, when everyone here is screaming

about our economy and unemployment?

Will this change after the November election?

I do agree that until US companies build them, we can buy

the first few outside of our country, but only the first few!

The German company Atlas electronik, who builds the drone, says that

it has a range of 3,200 feet and carries an explosive to destroy mines.

The US has deployed a fleet of robot sub drones to the Gulf to deal

with Iran and the potential blockade of the Strait of Hormuz.

The "Sea Fox drone" has been sent out with the fifth fleet AOR.

We need to bring this work back home to America!

Naval Technology

US Sends Sub drones



July 18, 2012

How Many Bombs Will It Take To Kill The Whole World?

How many times do we need to kill this planet?

If we must have nuclear bombs, when one or two can wipe out mankind,

why do we or any other country in the world, need thousands?

These issues are being discussed right now and are a part of the

President's military plan to downsize our numbers of weapons,

while at the same time, he must always be mindful that his highest

priority is to keep the country safe and secure,

The President's plan may yet include getting rid of nuclear weapons.

I am sincerely hoping so.

U.S. Nearing Decision New Nuke Cuts



July 15, 2012

What Were They Thinking?

This is one of those duh moments for the Navy, right?

This was just a disaster from the get-go.

Not only was it insulting to women, it was outrageous behavior.

but it was also a guaranteed way to provoke hate directed squarely

at this country, our people and our military and rightfully so.

The Muslims who follow the real, true Quran are usually much

better people than many Christians are.

This is just a personal option here, no hate mail, please.

The real Quran does not teach killing innocent people,

it is an ignorant quote, almost as much as the Old Testament,

Tanakh, or Torah are misquoted.

Ibrahim Hooper, Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesperson said,

"There are all kinds of people all over the world trying to do us harm,

Why would you use this particular image in training people to kill?"

Navy Pulls Targets Muslim Women From Seal Training Range



July 12, 2012

A World War II Shipmate Manning The Side

Another World War II shipmate will receive a well

deserved hero's manning the side.

Borgnine, who was born Ermes Effron Borgino in Hamden, Connecticut,

served for 10 years in the Navy as a gunner's mate on a Destroyer.

after his Military service time was over, Borgnine began acting

and went on to become one of the greatest of all time.

He won an Academy Award for his role in Marty, then a few years

later, he went on to television, to star in McHale's Navy.

As a Bosun, I am proud to report to the Quarterdeck

and Pipe the Manning Side.

Fair Winds and following Seas Gunner's Mate Borgnine.

Borgnine Dead at 95



July 9, 2012

The New Way To Train

What a concept.

When I was in boot camp, I learned nothing except "obey" at all costs.

Of course, this came in pretty handy throughout my time in the Navy, NOT!

Just like in school, if you explain why, your students will learn much more

and become better soldiers.

During a competition recently at Fort Eustis, Virginia, Army Staff Sergeant

Jeffrey Heilman, was named Drill Sergeant of the year,

by teaching with a new method, using calmness,

instead of yelling or screaming to instruct his soldiers.

"noticeably absent from the test scenarios last week was yelling,

screaming or order barking normally associated with

drill sergeants in popular culture."

Hopefully, this new method will become the standard in

all of our military training and teaching.

The old way was, in my opinion, not a good way to learn.

Army's New Drill Sergeants Teach Rather Than Yell



July 6, 2012

Strangers Stepping Up To Do What Was Right For A Veteran

World War II was the last real war, a war won for our freedom

and it was won by Pfc. Lawrence Davis, Jr. and millions

of our ancestors just like him.

Pfc. Davis, Jr. was fighting an enemy of freedom because

he cared about his country, the united states of America.

Pfc. Davis, Jr. was buried in a cardboard box because

no one in this country cared about him.

On July 3rd, while getting ready to picnic, party and watch fireworks,

a handful of veterans and just ordinary people, took the time

to go to the Veterans Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida,

to help this brave solider receive the honorable resting place

that he and millions like him have earned and deserve.

Welcome home my brother, rest in peace and thank you for serving.

A Bill is in the works right now, because of the embarrassment this has

all caused and in the future we are told that this will never happen

to any veteran in this country.

Gene Whitfield, of the Whitfield Funeral Home And Cremation Services

in Zephyrhills, offered a free casket to Senator Bill Nelson’s office

just as soon as he heard about the tragedy!

Ceremony Held For Veteran Buried In Cardboard Box

This We'll Defend



July 3, 2012

Old Ships Given Another Chance To Serve?

After a two year suspension, the Navy has just restarted sinking old

warships again, in fact, one was just sunk offshore here in Florida yesterday.

The Navy likes having them to use for live-fire practice and war games,

but if it costs so much to play these war games and this action will pollute

even more of our waters, wouldn't it be better to just give these ghost ships

to private salvage companies for parts and metal?

Of course, the ships are made pretty barren before they are sunk, to be sure

that toxins and pollutants do not get into our Ocean waters from them.

In the Navy's agreement with the EPA, the old Ships must be sunk

50 miles offshore, in water at least 6,000 feet deep.

But conservation groups who think the ships should be taken to a facility and

not junked into the ocean, are not happy and are hoping to stop the process.

Navy Resumes Sinking Old Ships



June 30, 2012

Navy Lookouts Are Humans

The US Navy is putting the lives of billions of sea creatures at risk

and not just mammals, all creatures, on the flawed belief

that their lookouts will spot them, the creatures, before

the Navy has a chance to use their new sonar on them.


I was one of those lookouts in the Atlantic Ocean for

four years and hard as I tried, I could not even see

all of the ships, in the day time, that our radar

spotted miles before any human eye could,

even with the very best binoculars that the navy has.

Please, speak up for our whales....before they are silenced forever.

The Navy says that its four year plan for training with sonar and

explosives will harass, injure, or kill marine mammals 2.8 million times.

Please, please ask, or tell the Navy to put safeguards in place

before unleashing this deadly barrage against innocent animals.

Navy Raises Sonar Impact On Dolphins And Whales Dramatically



June 27, 2012

The US Navy and Biofuels

Earlier this month, the USNS Henry J. Kaiser, a Military Sealift Command

ship, loaded up with 900,000 gallons of biofuel to take part in a

green demonstration in July during the Rim of the Pacific Exercise.

The Ship will bring the fuel to the Great Green Fleet demonstration in

Washington state during exercises that will allow the Navy to

get a better look at how well the biofuels perform.

The Kaiser will be transferring the biofuels to the USS Nimitz,

the USS Princeton and the USS Chafee .

The Military Sealift Command is a fuel supplier for the US Navy Ships,

and their mission is to "service the fleet."

SEC NAV Ray Maybus said, "Our Navy has always been at the

forefront of energy innovation."

Green technology is smart because it saves our military both money

and energy and using it gives us an edge in Global Defense.

USNS Henry J. Kaiser Loads Biofuel For Demo

RIMPAC Begins June 29, 2012



June 24, 2012

The Great Green Fleet Of Our US Navy

The DDG -1000 Zumwalt Class of Stealth destroyers may

very well be the probable future of America and our Navy,

but the $3 billion cost for each, is bringing in as many complaints,

as compliments, for these new ships.

Although they are longer and heavier, because of all the new

modern stealth technology that they have, these new Destroyers

will require fewer men to keep them out on the high seas.

Newly developed highly praised jets have ended badly, so the Navy

is understandably somewhat cautious about these new ships

They have made deep cuts from their original order of 32.

reduced down to 7 and right now, it stands  at only 3.

Trying to keep up with China is very expensive and right now they have

a lot more money to blow on Naval development than we do.

The best thing in all of this, is that the ships are being built in America,

at the Bath Iron works in Maine and Mississippi.

Planned Stealth Destroyer Could Underpin US Navy's China Strategy



June 21, 2012

Navy Now Using Solar Underwater

Navy Scientists from the US Naval Research Laboratory

Electronics Science and Technology Division,

have created a solar cell that works underwater and

can absorb solar radiation up to nine feet deep.

This new method is much more cost effective than the old way

 of providing a power source for Navy divers,

which used with lots of cables and expensive batteries.

It is all good, it is green and it is the future.

US Navy Develops Underwater Solar Cell



June 18, 2012

Our Navy Continues Reaching Out to the World

The San Diego based USS Mercy Hospital Ship with 1,000 beds

and ability to care for 200 patients a day, is now on a four month,

four nation mission in the Pacific.

The Mercy carries a crew of over 400, made up of Navy Medical Personnel

and Civilians, who together bring medical, dental, optometric

and even Veterinary care to needy disaster areas.

Some of the other countries involved in these Humanitarian Missions include:

The Philippines, Korea, Canada, France, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

The Mission, now in its seventh year, is called the Pacific Partnership,

which deploys members of the Marines, Army, Air Force, Members of the

State and Justice Departments and NOAA and will end on June 30.

The Mercy will be joined by the Japanese ship JS Oosumi.

US Navy Hospital Ship To Visit Philippines

Hospital Ship Visits Samar



June 15, 2012

Introducing The IDEO?

The IDEO is a three piece custom fitted carbon-fiberglass device

that supports the foot and ankle like an amputees prosthetic,

and is giving wounded warriors with prior difficulties in walking

and/or standing the chance to walk and/or run again.

First a mold is made  of the warriors leg, then the device

is fitted and installed, followed by lots of rehab

to get the warrior back to pre-war abilities.

For those who have chosen not to get amputations, this new device is giving

them a chance to get back some or much of their former physical strength.

One orthopedic Doctor who gives high marks to the device, thinks it is

one of the best "medical advancements" to come out of the desert wars.

"Brace" Yourself! Wounded Warriors Amputation Alternative



June 11, 2012

A Local Florida Marine Comes Home After 67 Years

A small Museum not far from us has just received the portrait

of a local marine, who was a Hero in Okinawa during WW II

and is Lake County's only Medal of Honor winner.

Former Marine Deputy Police Chief J.J. Mc Grath from

Sharon, Massachusetts, delivered the picture of

Private Robert Mc Tureous, who was given

the Medal of Honor after his death for his,

"One man assault on Japanese Troops on June 7, 1945."

Mc Grath had bought the picture as a gift for his son who

is a Marine about to be deployed to Afghanistan,

but later decided it would be the right thing to do to take

the young Marine back home to Florida.

So he made the long trip down here and presented the gift to the

very grateful Lake County Historical Museum,

who has now given it a place of Honor.

The Mc Tureous Homestead and Museum on State Route 19 in Altoona,

could use some financial help if you are near it in Florida.

Private Robert Mc Tureous has no immediate living relatives.

Portrait Of Heroic Florida Marine Comes Home



June 8, 2012

The 45th Year of Wondering Why

Forty Five years ago today, on June 8,1967, Israel attacked a

 US Navy Ship, the USS Liberty, killing 33 military persons

and one civilian and wounding 174.

Still to this day, we do not have the answers we need to hear.

This week, shipmates of two United States of America ships

must pray and remember the "Officer of the deck" at the

Pearly Gates along side of Saint Peter.

He has been and always will be at "attention on deck, "

and pleased to welcome his shipmates home.

Just a few of the many stories recently found about this tragic event:

A Facebook Page asks for public support:

This page is dedicated to LCDR Philip McCutcheon Armstrong, Jr.:

LCDR Armstrong

A Lengthy Collection Of Documents About The USS Liberty Incident:

USS Liberty, Declassified

A "take no prisoners" review of the attack:

What Did We Learn From Israel's Sneak attack On The USS Liberty?

A copy of the letter sent to Congress by the USS Liberty Veterans:

USS Liberty Draft Letter

And finally about the ceremony at Arlington at Noon today here:

USS Liberty Memorial Service Renews Calls Of A Government Cover-Up



June 5, 2012

Let's Make Sure This Never Happens Again

Recently at the Bushnell, Florida VA Cemetery the remains

of a Veteran were found in a cardboard box.

Now Senators Murray and Burr are introducing legislation to make

sure that no other Veteran will ever be treated like this again.

They are being joined by our own Florida Senators Nelson and Rubio.

At the present time, the VA can't buy a casket for a veteran

who has no next of kin, so this Veterans remains ended

up being buried in a cardboard box.

Hopefully, these four Senators can get this done quickly, so that this

indignity never happens to another Veteran in this country again.

To quote our Senator Nelson:

"All veterans deserve a dignified final resting place,

a cardboard box certainly isn't one. That's why we've got

to make sure this doesn't happen again."

Senators Push For Burial Benefits For Vets



June 2, 2012

Smartphones For A Smart Army

The Army's newest weapon is a phone, a Smartphone.

Right now, at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico,

soldiers from Fort bliss Texas are testing several different

types of Smartphones in war game simulations in an area

resembling the Deserts of Afghanistan.

What I like most, is that even though they are not especially good looking,

the phones work well and weigh much less than the old radios,

so that each soldier can carry up to 5 spare batteries,

which can supply 6 hours of operation each.

When someone out in the field gets attacked by an enemy, the rest of

the Army knows and rushes immediately to get involved, meanwhile,

the Field Commanders see everything going on right from the beginning.

U.S. Army Secretary Hon. John McHugh says, "This is one of the most

important things, strategically, that this Army has taken up in recent years."

Army Stronger With Androids



May 30, 2012

Time to Get Ready for Hurricane Season

Now is the time to prepare For Hurricane Season and

your Florid VA wants to help keep you and your family safe.

June 1st begins our Hurricane and Tornado season here in Florida,

and we have been extremely lucky for far too many years now.

Because there have been so few deadly Hurricanes and

tornados lately, we tend to believe that our luck will continue.

This is foolish thinking and could make you dead wrong!

Everyone in the pathway of these violent storms, needs to make sure

that they are ready for whatever comes our way this year.

North Florida VA

FEMA Urges Preparedness for Hurricanes



May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Is Not Just Another Three Day Holiday

The true meaning of this day should be held in the highest regard

by everyone in this country.

I guarantee you it is by every family in America who has lost

a loved one in combat.

It seems like each year there are big debates about this Day,

but what is really important, is that all of our veterans

deserve to be honored everyday, not just on one day of the year.

Enough has been said about what may or may not be done for,

or what will be taken away from our veterans.

it is already way passed time to start giving back to them.

Are you listening politicians?

Here in Central Florida, the keynote speaker at the Annual Memorial Day

Ceremony Monday at the Florida national cemetery in Bushnell,

will be decorated Army General Jeffrey E. Phillips.

The Memorial Day Ceremony, which is sponsored by the Florida National

Cemetery Joint Veterans Committee, begins at 11 AM, rain or shine.

Florida National Cemetery Service Highlights Memorial Day Activities



May 24, 2012

A Disgrace In Lake County Florida

A shameful disgrace is about to happen in this county

and the victims of this are those who deserve the best

that America has to give, always!

A homeless shelter for Veterans is about to be shut down for

a variety of county/state code violations.

What's worse, is that this shelter in Eustis, is the only one in Lake County.

Is this how we say thank you to our Veterans, for their years

of dedication and service to their country?

How about a little pay back here?

Some local groups need to adopt this worthy organization, VORRH

and lend a hand as needed.

you will find a link to their web site below.

Carpenters, plumbers and electricians who are either retired,

or temporarily out of work, could make a huge difference by

giving even just a few minutes of their time to help

those with no where else to go, right?

VORRH - Veterans Organization Of Resource and Recovery for the Homeless

Tough City Code May Close Shelter

Lake County's Lone Homeless Shelter For Veterans About To Be Shut Down



May 21, 2012

The Navy Has Made Me Proud Again

On Cinco De Mayo in San Diego, a Cargo Ship was named the USS Caesar Chavez.

If you never heard him speak or know exactly what he did, just ask

any Californian or Hispanic American in this country why

this was such an important event.

Caesar Chavez, who served in the US Navy when racism was still alive

and well in the military, devoted most of his life to the rights of

farm workers and his supporters stretched around the world.

So, the naming of this latest Cargo ship, over protests from Republicans

that it was a "political statement," that will bring supplies

to help people in desperate need, would make him smile.

It is appropriate, it is right and it is time.

Rest in peace Caesar, your legacy now lives on in a Navy Ship that

bears your name and will, as you did, serve the people.

Lawmakers React to Naming Ship For Chavez

An American Hero Joins Lewis and Clark



May 18, 2012

This Is A Disgrace For All Of Our Military Branches

I have been writing for years now, trying to get our southern states

to protect our women and give them the same equal rights as men.

How can we ever do this, when we cannot even protect them in our military?

Two female U.S. Service Members claim that they were raped at

military academies, then punished for reporting the assaults.

Last month, eight other female service members filed

a lawsuit stating that they were raped or abused.

The news of these shameful events has traveled around the

planet quickly in this internet age and the world

now looks at us in a new, but not positive way.

Two Sue Service Academies Over Assault Response



May 15, 2012

Told 'Ya So.......

Well, Duh!

While reading this Blog, you will see comments made

that are both pro and con towards the Navy.

I have tried to keep it close , at least as even, as possible.

This is a Definite con, the Top Brains at the Navy are not stupid,

they all knew that their War games were killing

and/or maiming Marine mammals,

they just did not care.

So now, the Navy is admitting that its use of Sonar and explosives

could potentially hurt more dolphins and whales.

The old analysis covering from 2009 thru 2013, estimated that

they might unintentionally injure or kill about 100 marine mammals.

This particular story speaks of West Coast events,

but you can rest assured, that this exact same thing is being done

in the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of the US,

with the same fatal results for innocent Marine life.

My Navy is dead wrong here and this make me ashamed to call them

" My Navy " because of their callous treatment of beautiful animals.

Navy Says Sonar Could Harm More Marine Life Than Previously Thought



May 12, 2012

Teach Peace, Not War

I have no use for war, when there are so many

better ways of keeping the peace.

This is one of them, a teaching, training exercise scheduled from

June 29th to august 3rd, in and around the Hawaiian Islands.

The worlds largest International Maritime Exercise will have:

22 Nations, 42 Ships, six Submarines, more than 200 Aircraft

and 25,000 personnel.

Countries are all working together, making it easier not to become enemies.

And, with so many countries joined together for peace,

it makes it really hard for potential enemies to start a war.

This is a win, win situation for everyone.

This year participants will come from:

Australia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, France, India, Indonesia,

Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,

Peru, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of the Philippines, Russia,

Singapore, Thailand, Tonga, the United Kingdom and the United States.

RIMPAC To Begin June 29



May 9, 2012

A Question?

Why, if North Korea, a Communist Country that builds

weapons of mass destruction, rockets that can carry

nuclear weapons into the free world and who has one of the

largest militaries in the world, are we feeding their people?

Is our food actually going to their poor?

Their recent attempt with a Rocket Launch failed:

North Korea Launch

North Korea continues with their long history of defying the

entire free world community, by recently launching a long range

rocket that broke apart before even making it out of the

earth's atmosphere and falling into the sea.

Why North Korea Gets Away With It



May 6, 2012

Working Together To Honor A War Hero

Two political forces in Massachusetts may be able to do

something that seems like mission impossible lately:

working together for the good of another.

Republican Senator Scott Brown and Democrat John Kerry,

have joined forces to ask the Navy Secretary Ray Mabus

to honor Captain Thomas J. Hudner, originally from Fall River,

by naming a ship after him.

Hudner, a Naval Academy graduate, was given the medal of honor

for his bravery during the Korean War, after deliberately

crash-landing his plane to rescue his wingman Ensign Jesse Brown.

Brown later had a frigate named after him.

after retiring in 1973, Hudner worked with the USO and

the Massachusetts department of Veterans Services.

Although it is rare for a ship to be named after a living person,

sometimes exceptions are made;

in the past forty plus years, 11 vessels have been named

 for someone still living.

Navy Urged To Name Ship For Living Bay State Veteran



May 3, 2012

The Navy's New Robotic Drones

This is a good thing for the Navy, for Shipping, as

well as for pleasure or Cruise Ships in the area.

The Office of Naval Research, ONR, paid for this multi-mode

sensor seeker, MMSS, that is both a camera and

sensoring device with both radar and laser capabilities,

on board a small helicopter named Fire Scout,

that will secretly identify small boats.

Testing will begin this summer off of the coast of California.

But, most importantly, Since this is an aircraft,

there will be no sonar to disturb marine life,

while ending the terror reign of pirates around the world.

Pirates Beware - US To Test Robotic Drones



April 30, 2012

What Have we Become?

My Navy has gone beyond the limits of human decency

and is taking part in the torture of live animals for what?

There is a Petition below to sign.

If you have never signed one before,

please consider signing this one.

This is inhumane, unjustified and it is morally indefensible.

I am sickened by this and ashamed of my Navy.

The Petition

Training Video Gets Navy Vet Bob Barker's Goat



April 27, 2012

New Coast Guard Cutters are Bigger, Faster and Meaner

This new Sentinel class named FRC, or "Fast Response Cutters," will

carry on the Guard's proud tradition of protecting American shores.

The first FRC is named the Bernard C. Webber after a

Guard hero who saved 32 lives in 1952 after a tanker

was wrecked in Massachusetts.

Webber's life story was first a book, The Finest Hours

and will soon become a new Disney movie.

The new cutter is now on test maneuvers and

will be stationed at Miami upon their completion.

The Webber is due to be ready to go in July.

USCG: Fast Response Cutter

First In New Line of Coast Guard Cutters



April 24, 2012

The Navy's New Ships

2 new $700 million multi purpose combat ships have

been made in Mobile, Alabama by General Dynamics,

an American division of an Australian company with a

contract that calls for 10 ships to be built by 2019.

There have been some problems with the two newest ships,

that required some "tweaking" according to

Republican Jo Bonner of Alabama.

The ship building industry in Alabama should eventually

employ over 4,000 workers.

There is also another version of this ship that is being

built in Wisconsin by Lockheed Martin.

The Navy is in serious need of new ships as the only things left

floating right now are aging rapidly and need to be replaced soon.

Future of Naval Warfare



April 21, 2012

No Military Exercises, Or "War Games" Are Worth Killing Whales

The latest assault on whales comes this time from Canadian

Sonar training exercises on the West Coast.

NOAA is looking into this, as well as our own Navy.

What ever the conclusion is, we must consider the lives

of the biggest mammals on earth when we do these things.

This particular whale has only 86 of its kind remaining,

Was the sonar testing worth this animal losing its life?

All military people around the world have been guilty of

doing things in the oceans that cause ocean wildlife to die.

It must stop now.

These creatures are worth far more than the military practices that

are being done now and have been done in the past, in their homes.

And they were all here first!

US Investigates Whale's Death

War Games May Be To Blame For Orca's Death



April 17, 2012

Why Titanic Will Happen Again Someday

For 100 years now, people have mourned, talked about, discussed

and prayed about the sinking of the unsinkable ship, the Titanic.

The Titanic began its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912,

leaving Southampton, England for New York City.

By now, everyone has heard about the tragic mistakes that were made

on her first and last trip out on the open seas.

As a Navy man and Veteran of that exact same route many times,

I have always marveled at the fact that to this day,

no ship, boat or luxury liner has ever done what is necessary

to ensure that this kind of accident never happens again.

Ships like the one built for Disney, the Navy's around the world

and luxury liners, all cost billions of dollars (us money).

I keep wondering why as these ships are being built,

don't they build them with a double hull?

If the Titanic and the Italian luxury liner had both been double hulled ships,

regardless of the damage from icebergs or rocks, they would

have at least stayed afloat long enough to get all of

the passengers and/or crews off of them.

Just asking?


Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship



April 14, 2012

Japanese Ghost Ship to Be Sunk By Our Coast Guard

Ok, I guess it is better to sink it rather than reclaim the 2,000 gallons

of diesel fuel, because after all of the work is done,

it does still belong to the Japanese shrimping company.

But, I am not so sure that the ship and the rest of the floating

debris from the Tsunami is not contaminated.

how did it become clean?

I don't like polluting the water with oil, however, it is

better than it sinking other ships or polluting our shores.

Now, let us never forget how this happened and why this

planet must find a better way to enjoy our power.

US to Sink Ghost Ship Dislodged By Japan Tsunami



April 11, 2012

Water is Free, Renewable and Everywhere

At a recent conference in Hawaii, more than forty companies

presented their ideas for getting future power from the ocean.

The Navy and the department of Energy will choose three

Ocean energy power developers to use at a site in Hawaii.

It is good to see that my Navy is continuing its goal of trying

to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and

looking to the future for greener sources of power.

Some of the various ocean energy sources being looked at include,

Wave, Tide, Current and Offshore wind energy.

This newest form of energy will be added to the already headed

towards great greenness of the Navy's fuel supplies.

Navy Seeks Renewable Ocean Energy



April 8, 2012

It is not a Turtles or a Lighthouse choice

Could someone please tell me what shining an extremely bright light

on our endangered sea turtles has to do with working on a lighthouse?

As a Navy man, I know that the only time we ever needed a lighthouse

was to be able to see that it was there, not where any sand was.

If our ship spotted light from a lighthouse, we knew that it was time

to check our instruments, not to find our way onto a beach.

Think about this the next time that you are on a ship or a boat.

Right now, our Coast Guard is evaluating the status of the

Hillsborough Inlet Entrance lighthouse in Pompano Beach, Florida

for its effect on endangered sea turtles,

At present, the lighthouse shines an extremely bright 1,000 watt light

onto the beach, which attracts and confuses the hatchlings

and lures them to their deaths.

hatchlings will scan an area 180 degrees before crawling towards the light.

they are disoriented by the light, as are their nesting mothers.

There is a place on this page to send your thoughts to the

Naval Commander responsible for this situation.

Save Sea Turtle Hatchlings in Florida



April 5, 2012

Damn the Navy!

As an old salt who crossed the Atlantic 26 times, I can say with some

on hand experience, that my navy is right whale dead wrong.

it is impossible to see whales while on lookout from any ship,

it is hard enough to be able to spot other vessels and this is only talking

about during calm water and weather.

"So far in legal contests between the US Navy and whales, the whales have lost.

In 2008, the US Supreme Court overturned protection for the whales

off of the coast of California against the Navy's use of mid-frequency

active (MFA) sonar during large-scale training exercises."

Damn the Right Whales, Full Speed Ahead



April 2, 2012

Honoring Our Veterans

There was a great story in our local paper  recently about the new

Veterans memorial being built at the Fountain  Park in Leesburg.

The town and the park are doing a good job and we are proud

of all of the hard work that has been done to celebrate

and honor our Veterans here in Lake County.

There is always something going on in the area around the park,

which also happens to be very close to the VA Health Center

in downtown Leesburg on Main Street.

This is the older historic shopping area and a good place to sit

and watch people go by at one of the local outdoor places to eat.

Final Touches for May Dedication

Lake Veterans Memorial Park



March 30, 2012

What a Mess Over Our Flag

Today, for the third day in a row, my local newspaper has run stories

about this incident and this event and the fallout over it,

has now gone beyond ridiculous.

Two months ago, the Lake County Democratic Headquarters office

in Tavares, put up a flag with Presidents Obama's picture on it, which

was eventually noticed by a Veteran who took pictures and sent them

to a lot of people, setting this whole thing in motion.

The expected, ugly confrontation between the Veterans and the

Democratic Chair in the front yard of their office, was of course

widely televised and made all of us who live here look bad.

The woman who heads the lake County Democrats and put the flag up,

needs to apologize and admit that she did this without thinking.

Maybe it is time to her to step aside for the good of the Party?

There are thousands of God and flag fearing Democrats in our

county who now must hang their heads in shame because this woman's

mistake has now become a full blown embarrassing catastrophe.

Dems Entangled in Obama Flag Flap



March 27, 2012

Navy Just Keeps Getting Greener

The USS Kearsage recently welcomed aboard the Senate Committee

for Energy and Natural Resources, along with the chair

of the subcommittee on water and power, to learn more

about the energy programs of the Navy and Marines.

while underway, the committee members got a close up look at the Navy's

"Green Energy" at the various booths set up on display for them.

"Energy is at the core of everything,"

said Senate Staff member Charles Stanton.

Commander Rear Admiral Ann Phillips says that

"being more energy efficient gives us the opportunity to look at

other sources of energy other than fossil fuels."

Kearsage Displays Energy Initiative



March 24, 2012

Getting It Done In America

ITT Exelis engineers in Panama City, Florida are overhauling

the US Navy's Mine-Sweeping systems.

The company is under a contract that was valued at

$49 million in 2009 with the Naval Surface Warfare Center there.

This is great!

An American owned company in America, getting the job.

We need to continue doing this and keeping jobs and money in this Country.

The Navy has 10 of these systems and will be sending one of them annually

 to Florida for upgrades and overhauls.

The MK-105 System is towed by a High Speed MH-53E Helicopter,

which sets off electromagnetic fields that

simulate ships and then trigger the mines.

This means that no humans, or animals are harmed,

which is always a good thing, what do you think?

ITT Exelis Overhaul Navy Mine-Sweepers



March 21, 2012

My Navy is Doing Wrong Thing With the Right Whale

A Federal Judge is now looking at the Navy's plans to build

an underground/underwater cable for training

in an area 50 miles off of the Atlantic Florida Coast.

But, this just happens to be the passage way for the most

Endangered Whale on the Planet.

The off shore area in question in this law suit is where these

very endangered whales come to give birth each winter.

One last thought, this path that the whales follow, is an ancient

 one that they have used since the beginning of time,

the Navy can put their cable somewhere else.

Environmentalists are suing the Navy to stop this terrible plan

and I hope that they win in court because this is just wrong.

Nothing is more important than protecting the lives of these

Endangered whales and their unborn children.

Judge Hears Case involving the Navy and the Right Whale



March 18, 2012

What Are We Doing?

The US Is On a Very Slippery Slope

A group of 17 senators recently delivered a letter to Leon Panetta,

the US Secretary of Defense, concerning the $1billion

in sales of arms to Syria.

The United Nations says that more than 7,500 Syrians who opposed

Assad, have already been killed by their own government.

Our Government is entering into contracts with the same company

that supplies weapons to Syria.

We are also buying helicopters for the Afghan Military from

Rosoboronexport, the biggest arms dealer in Russia.

This is a dangerous game and we have more to lose than anybody.

Lawmakers Seek End to US Deal With Russian Firm

Stop US Support for Syrian Weapons

Russia: Syria Weapon Sales Will Continue



March 15, 2012

The Invisible Ship

Well, its about time that the Navy built a ship as

hard to find as our drones and airplanes.

I wonder where it was built?

In the Unites States I hope.

Now our enemies have to be wondering, how many more were

built since this one was first seen in 1993.

Have there been any improvements in speed and how much fire power,

if any, has been added.

Only the Navy knows and they're not talking~

This video shows the Sea Shadow that was first publically seen in 1993.

The ship is 164 feet long, cost $200 million and was

"designed to elude detection by radar."

History of the Sea Shadow

Navy Launches Invisible Ship



March 12, 2012

Why Not a Robotic Navy?

Scientists at the Navy's Research laboratory, NRL, in Washington D.C.,

 have just created a humanoid robot to fight shipboard fires.

Our military has hundreds of drones flying around helping protect

them from an enemy, so why not have a drone robot walking

around on our Navy Ships to protect our sailors?

I have seen personally how fast fires can spread on a ship,

and how about a cruise ship full of innocent vacationers?

"In addition to suppressing fires, the Shipboard Autonomous

Firefighting Robot (SAFFIR) will move autonomously throughout

the ship while interacting with relevant crew members."

Navy Designs Robot for Shipboard Firefighting

US Navy Wants an Autonomous Firefighting Robot



March 9, 2012

A Matter of Opinion, I Guess

It is a good idea to test our military personnel for drugs

and to make sure that no one is drunk while on duty.

however, that said, if the Navy had a breathalyzer test to see

if someone had been drinking back in my good old Navy days,

we would still be trying to get our first trip to

Scotland underway today, from back in the 1960's.

I do believe that we need to put a little more thought processing

into this $10 million project, before it is implemented.

Navy to Expand Breathalyzers to its Sailors



March 6, 2012

How Did This Happen?

Austral is an Australian shipbuilder with a shipyard in Mobile, Alabama,

and the Navy has ordered nearly $1.5 Billion of their Catamarans,

but the money is not staying here.

Although it is good that we are at least buying from a friendly country,

what is the Navy saying about us?

Are they saying that we do not have an American Shipyard

capable of building this boat?

There are so many hungry shipbuilders here, who are more than

willing and desperately need to go to work today.

Did we really have to go all the way around the world for this job?

US Navy Orders 2 More Catamarans



March 3, 2012

Navy, Now You're Talkin' My Language

The US Navy has chosen an American Shipyard to build a

new "state-of- the-art research vessel" for the

Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.

Dakota Creek industries, Inc. in Anacortes, Washington will be

building the AGOR28, a "new ocean class research vessel."

The new "Seagoing Laboratory" will launch in 2015

and be "Homeported in Point Loma, San Diego."

The new vessel will be owned by ONR, the Office of Naval Research,

for the Navy and operated by Scripps under a "Charter Party Agreement,"

serving both the Navy and National Oceanographic research.

Scripps Oceanography News: Navy Selects Shipyard

Navy Selects Shipyard



February 29, 2012

Drones Being Used For Non Military Reasons

Yet another helpful invention for our country's safety

is coming from our Military.

While it is true, we will need to keep a close eye on this newest

military instrument that can help our law enforcement agencies,

it has many potential benefits that cannot be denied.

There have also been concerns about privacy and ethics issues.

This weapon which saved the lives of our service members

overseas since it was developed, can now be used to do

the same in the private sector by our local police.

Not only can it be used to hunt down the bad guys,

it could also be used to find lost children, elders or pets,

or even persons who may be lost at sea.

Please see this You tube video for how it works:

Drones Roam Skies of US Cities

Surveillance Drones Coming To a Police Department Near You



February 26, 2012

Are We Really Out of the Space Race?

By the looks of the X-37B, maybe not.

This new unmanned space plane, first boosted into space

on an Atlas 5 rocket in 2010, is similar to,

but a lot smaller than, the old NASA shuttles.

There now have been several versions of

The space plane built by Boeing that

have orbited the earth for over 200 days.

So, if this is the future of our Space Exploration Program,

it is looking good so far.

Secretive Air Force Space Plane Nears Orbital Record

Mystery Surrounds Air Force's Secretive X-37B



February 23, 2012

Sad to Say, My Navy is the Bad Guy Here

Animal lovers around the world have been telling our Navy

and the news media for years, that our newest sonar equipment

is the main reason ocean mammals are dying, one way or another,

for what has been called strange or unknown reasons.

Well, the causes of these deaths are not unknown anymore.

It is simple, just look at the number of Martine animals that are

beaching themselves everywhere.

Then, back up to the point where they were not doing this.

When you do, you find the cause,

there has been a change  in the places where they live,

And there is your reason.

The U.S. Navy is invading their ocean homes.

Navy Training Blasts Marine Mammals With Harmful Sonar



February 20, 2012

We Know Who's Really In Charge

Although this story is not an easy read, it is none the less very

important because every Republican hopeful wishes to have you

believe that this President is out of touch with not only

our military, but also with world Issues.

Actually, since taking office, this young President has had to deal

with more critical world issues than many of his predecessors

and the Navy Seals have been involved with many of them.

The facts are, that this President is in charge and has been since day one.

So you see we all really know what the truth is about his capabilities

and The Navy Seals do too.

Navy Seals: Obama's Secret Army



February 17, 2012

A Real Hero

Paul Phillips, a current resident of Lake County, Florida,

was a gunner on a B-17 in WWII, who also fought in Korea

and Viet Nam and  is a true hero.

Phillips who survived ground fire, air combat and becoming a prisoner of war,

says that his fond memories of the plane are the reason that he always goes

to see the wings of freedom tour when it comes to the Leesburg Airport.

We are lucky to have him as a neighbor here in Lake County.

God Bless all of the Paul Phillips' of our country and the world.

Aloft On the Wings of War



February 14, 2012


How do we plan to place a huge ship within enemy waters

in the strait of hormuz and keep this ship from

becoming a target of this enemy?

The USS Ponce LPD-15, a really old ship that was

about to become a decommissioned vessel, will now

instead become the USS Ponce massive floating base.

Iran is running around their waters in kamikaze gun boats and making

larger missiles, while at the same time, studying our best drone warfare.

What is to stop a misguided missile weapon from hitting this old ship,

by accident of course?

US vs. Iran Coming This May



February 11, 2012

You're Going to Spend How Much Mr. Romney?

Mitt Romney, John Border and the Republican Party keep

jumping all over President Obama for being such a big spender,

yet out on the campaign trail, every time that Romney speaks

in a state with ship building capabilities, he tells us

that our Navy is the smallest it has been since 1917,

an incorrect statement by the way,

and as commander in chief, he would build 15 ships a year.

But, how can this be done without a huge spending spree

in the billions of dollars Mr. Romney?

So how many of our tax dollars will you really be spending if elected?

Defense Budget Limits Reach of a Campaign Promise



February 8, 2012

Our Navy is Staying on the Green Track

Our buying biofuels from Australia at first sounded cold

to our American companies, however, two points then came to mind.

First, would I want to keep buying dirty fuel from proven unfriendly

countries, or buy clean fuel from proven friendly ones?

Second, this country is far behind other countries as far as having

companies that perfect and pump out alternative fuels, or at least

enough fuels to do what our military needs for their future.

But, we are still not doing nearly enough in the field of

alternative fuels and vehicles for this country's future.

A point in fact, aren't this country and its elected politicians,

pretty much bought and paid for by the oil and gas industries?

U.S. Navy Plans 'Great Green' Biofuels Fleet



February 5, 2012

We Need to Do Our Own Upgrades

Early last month, Engineers from the Naval Warfare Center

in Panama City, Florida began installing a new type of

minehunting sonar upgrade on the USS Guardian.

The work is due to be finished by April and will include seven other ships.

however, it is not clear why these installations are being done in Japan

and not in our own American Shipyards.

U.S. Navy Minehunting Fleets Being Upgraded

USS Guardian



February 2, 2012

Floating Commando Base

At first, this appeared, in this age of super missiles,

to be yet another complete waste of taxpayer money.

However, power hungry countries like North Korea and

Iran are using this type of speed boats, so why not a movable

floating base of operation for our own speed crafts?

This base would also be used as a launching point for Navy Seal

missions, as well as stealth technology and drone crafts.

Navy Wants Commando 'Mothership' In Middle East

Navy Converting Ship Into Floating Commando Base



January 30, 2012

Navy Ships To Be Built By Americans

My reason for posting this story is twofold, first the Navy

is using American shipbuilders to build and repair them

and second, our shipbuilders are building a new class of Carrier,

the Ford class, at the Newport News, Virginia location.

Hopefully, this new class will also be equipped as drone ships.

The Navy also reported that on Sunday the USS Abraham Lincoln passed

through the strait of Hormuz and into the Gulf "without incident"

only one day after Iran had threatened to "take action" if this occurred.

U.S. Shipbuilder Welcomes Navy Decision On Carriers



January 27, 2012

Will You Get Involved For a Vet?

Although this story was written some time ago,

it was just recently found again.

This is so important that, I wanted to share it with you.

Just in case you thought that one person cannot make a difference,

here's just another example of why we can.

A man here in Central Florida was determined to help so,

he just went out and did it, then got the snowball rolling.

all we need to do is just step up to the plate

and hit one out of the park for a Vet in need.

Won't you care enough to help, to give, to share?

Contact Gary Kadow at S.O.S.: Save Our Soldiers

Call Gary at: 352 430-0567

Vets In Need? Charity Won't Take It Sitting Down



January 24, 2012

Our U.S. Navy is Using Dolphins to Find Mines

Iran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, so the U.S. Navy has

called up a stealth hunter, the problem is, it did not volunteer for duty.

The Navy claims that the trained Dolphins only locate the mines,

destroying them is left up to the Navy divers.

The use of these wild animals in a war arena, has many upset and

lobbyists have complained about their safety, but during war time,

no one seems to want to second guess the military.

The protests have resulted in a petition being sent to the Defense Department

fearing that dolphins may be killed by an act of war.

Both sides have valid points and the battle lines have been drawn.

The only ones who aren't speaking up, are the dolphins.

Navy Depending on Dolphins to Keep Strait of Hormuz Open



January 21, 2012

A Hollywood Style Rescue

Iran's foreign ministry welcomed the U.S. Navy's rescue of 13 of

their fishermen held hostage by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea,

calling it a humanitarian act.

" We consider the actions of the U.S. forces in saving the lives of the Iranian

seamen to be a humanitarian and positive act and we welcome such behavior."

As I have said in earlier blog posts, the Iranian people are our friends.

One News report from a "hard-line" source called the rescue a "stunt"

to justify the navy's presence in the Persian Gulf.

If the elite revolutionary guard navy of Iran was so worried about our

Navy saving the lives of their fishermen, why didn't they go get them days ago?

Is it because maybe this elite group lacks the "know-how?'

Our Navy is equipped to teach and train for rescues at sea, if anyone is interested?

Iran Has Divided View of U.S. Navy Rescue



January 18, 2012

Old Thinking is Dangerous

Representative McKeon needs to be replaced now with a

modern thinking chairman of the armed services committee.

We should never again fight a world war, a Korean war

or a Viet Nam conflict, which is why this story got it wrong.

With the fire power under the seas and the drone power in the air,

that we now have, this country would not need ever again put

a single solider at risk to any enemy.

It took our military between 14 and 20 days to cross an ocean

during the Korean and Viet Nam conflicts, with hundreds

of ships and thousands of soldiers at risk from the enemy.

now we can cross it in hours with unmanned aircraft,

or be there with unmanned ships.

History Repeats Itself

Flight of the Drones

US Strategy Boosts Navy Subs, Programs



January 15, 2012

Welcome to Florida Wounded Warriors

In two parts of the sunshine state this week, several groups

of wounded warriors are not only enjoying the warm Florida sun,

but also having the chance to meet and share their experiences,

exchange ideas and swap stories with fellow wounded veterans.

One group is playing softball in the Central Florida area for several days,

while the other is swimming with Dolphins down in the Keys.

Anyway you look at this, it is all good.

lets help them have some fun and heal their hearts, minds and souls.

So we say, welcome home and welcome to Florida fellow warriors.

Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team

Wounded Warriors Swim With The Dolphins



January 11, 2012

Sounds Like a Fair Fight to Me!

One United States Nuclear Submarine against three Chinese

Aircraft Carriers, no contest.

The idea of President Obama streamlining our miltary,

while the Communist countries are doing a massive build up

of their military is really a great idea.

They can fire their missiles, float new ships and run gun boats,

while we push buttons from our stealth built submarines.

I like it!

US Strategy Boosts Navy Subs, Programs



January 8, 2012

Lake County Remembers Military Veterans

59 Veterans and widows of fallen soldiers who are residents

of Waterman Cove, an assisted living facility in Tavares,

were honored recently by the Cornerstone Hospice.

The Hospice also has training and certification programs

to help volunteers become more involved,

in helping area veterans.

If you would like to help or just learn more,

you can contact Bettie LoCicero at: 352 742-6827

Never Too Late



January 5, 2012

America Must Follow the Lead of the Navy

The US Navy has done a great job with its Green Energy programs,

but now it is time for us all to take bigger steps.

What we used to call the middle class in this Country,

is now either the unemployed or homeless class.

This country is broke and our people are hurting.

We all, the Government, both Federal and State,

the Politicians, both the Democrats and Republicans and

all of our Military Branches, must respond to this situation.

We need to come together again, just like we did right after WW-2.

An example would be in Converting waste into electricity.

Our American Utilities are WW-2 outdated.

Every month, the average American throws away over 33 pounds of food.

Right now, we are putting most of this waste into the ground,

we call it landfills.

No wonder we are running out of land.

By updating our landfills and incinerators to state of the art

power plants, we can employ many of those currently out of work

and many of our companies will be making money as well.



January 2, 2012

A New Year, a Healthy New Start

If you have served your country and now find that you need help,

the VA wants to hear from you, at least the one in the Orlando area does.

If like me, you had no idea about what to do,

or where to go to learn more about this, there is help.

The VA wants all service persons to get onto their computers

as soon as possible after their tour of duty, because you never

know when or if, you might be in need of assistance.

Many people from my time of service lost out on important help because of

lack of information about the various Veterans help groups:

Get Enrolled For VA Health Care

There is also a Veterans Newsletter available

in both English and Spanish:

Veterans Health Matters



December 30, 2011

US Navy Keeps Moving Away From the Old Ways

True to their word, the US Navy has begun using GREENS,

a ground renewable Expeditionary Energy System.

This 300 watt portable Hybrid battery generator powered

 by the sun, is intended for use by troops in remote locations.

This helps not only the Navy, but also the Marines to stay

powered up while they are out in the field of operations.

Future Is Bright for ONR's Lightweight Sun Powered Generator



December 27, 2011

We Need to Help Each Other

The United States and Canadian military still use crude oil,

so both countries might want to think about working together.

Maybe they should build a refinery at our borders,

or on either the east or west coasts?

Then they could pipe this oil to the new refinery and

ship it and then truck it to points south?

Canada Defiant After US Oil Pipeline Rebuff



December 24, 2011

My Christmas Wish

My wish for this Christmas is really very simple, I wish that all

of the brave men and women in any service, in every country

all over the world could be home with those that they love.

As a show of support and respect for those who give so much that we may be free,

the next time that you pass someone in uniform, please thank them.

We owe them everything.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.



December 21, 2011

Our Military Helps the Law

According to a recent story in the Los Angeles Times,

"Predator Drones are being used in domestic law enforcement case

and are raising concerns that the aircraft are being deployed beyond

the missions that Congress originally authorized them for."

So, what?

How many things from our space program are now being used,

for the betterment of the private sector?

The Brossart family in North Dakota, like some others in this country,

stole from their neighbors.

This family showed law enforcement that they could and would

kill at any time that they wished to, so why should the police

go into a known hostile situation, when the use of our

military could get the situation under control,

without the loss of life on either side?

Even if this family did not steal, they had no right to pull guns on the police.

An unarmed Predator drone spy plane helped the police make the arrest.

You say, "what's next?"

I say, "whatever it takes to stop crime in this country."

Police Employ Predator Drone Spy Planes



December 18, 2011

Drones and Satellites and their potential security problems

Are satellite images exposing our secrets?

Did we lose one of our most secret drones to Iran?

Is Google risking the security of our country with its absolutely

nothing is "off limits policy" on its web sites?

Much of the news lately seems to be saying that too much freedom of the press

with the Search engines combined with the loss of a secret drone,

could all be putting the military security of our country at risk.

While there is not much that the government can do to handcuff Google,

the loss of one of our drones to a country who would relish the chance

to learn every single military secret that they can get their hands on,

is unnerving.

Could it be possible for our government to find companies like Google

and others who put our security at risk, guilty of war crimes or treason?

Where do we draw the line on this?

If Google were a single person, they would probably have already been put on trial.

American lives are being put at risk by the policies of these companies.

And how can we ever protect our military secrets, when our drones can

apparently be captured and then studied by hostile countries?

National security in America has never been so at risk as it is right now

and the solutions may not be so easy to find.

We need to get back to the basics in our patriotism in this country,

like it was when I was in service back in the sixties,

back then, we put country first.

US May Have Lost Its Most Advanced Drone

Are These Satellite Images Exposing Americas Secrets



December 14, 2011

Our Navy Keeps On Looking Forward

Here is just one more reason to be proud of our military right now.

The Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and the Department of Agriculture

Secretary Tom Vilsack, have recently announced the signing of a contract

for the single biggest purchase in Government history,

of 450,000 gallons of advanced drop-in biofuel.

Good news for us, the fuel, which is made from a blend of used cooking oil

and algae, costs less now than it did only two years ago,

as green energy and demand make prices continue to drop.

This latest contract, is just one of the many ways that the Navy is using

to stay on track for being at 50% renewable or green energy by 2020.

Navy Secretary and USDA Secretary Announce Largest Government Purchase of Biofuel



December 11, 2011

The Saddest Stories That I Have Ever Read

At this normally happy time of the year, when people are enjoying the Holidays

and spending time with their families, the pain that has been brought to

those affected by this terrible news, just goes beyond any words.

There just has to be some more dignified, respectful, peaceful ending for

these service members who gave their lives for their country.

If you, like me, are incensed after learning about this,

for God's sake, for the sakes of these service members

and for the sakes of the loved ones that they left behind,

tell your elected officials in your state, city or local area, right now, today,

that this is the most unacceptable behavior in the history of our military.

This shameful, unbelievable treatment of all of these brave souls,

should never have happened, not in my America.

You who ordered this in Washington, must and will,

bear the scars from this act forever.

Remains of War Dead Dumped

Air Force Dumped Thousands of Ashes

Air Force Dumped Thousands of Cremated Remains

Air Force Dumped More Than acknowledged



December 8, 2011

What a Great Video For the Holiday Season

First saw this on Good Morning America

and just had to go look it up.

The song is from my favorite Christmas movie,  Love Actually,

which in case you haven't seen it, is very funny.

So here they are, with their hilarious Holiday Greeting,

the Crew of the HMS Ocean, who will be home

 with their loved ones for this Christmas.

God Bless and God Speed.

"Fair winds and following Seas."

All I Want For Christmas - HMS Ocean

Ocean Crew Film Alternative



December 5, 2011

Hard to Believe This Could Happen in My Navy

Keeping Drugs out of the work place is always an important job

for any employer, but in the case of the US Navy, consider the thought

that something the size of an Aircraft Carrier is running amuck on the

high Seas, with sailors on board, or in command, who may be high on drugs

and it takes on a whole new perspective.

An even worse case scenario would be a Submarine deep under Sea, or

even just out to sea, with shipmates who are high while on the job.

This kind of behavior in an American Military service is completely unacceptable.

The Navy has not only the right, but more importantly, the moral obligation

to get these idiots out of our service.

Our military must Always be given respect, both here and overseas,

but that is pretty hard to do if they are stoned while on Duty.

Navy Discharging 64 Sailors for Use of Drugs



December 2, 2011

New Fuel For Navy Is High Tec Trash

US Marines in Hawaii, in co-operation with the Office of Naval Research,

or ONR, are testing a new type of fuel called MAGS,

or Micro Auto Gasification System, that is both

environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

They will continue to test MAGS until next March,

This fuel is a result of a controlled decomposition process that

converts energy from biomass by baking the trash and

recovering a high portion of combustible gas byproduct.

This new fuel testing program is just another example of how the

Navy plans to reach an alternative fuel level of 50% by 2020.

Marines Test New Energy Efficient Weapon




November 30, 2011

Message for the Troops is Green

The new message for today's Navy is to be Mean, Lean and Green.

Rear Admiral Phil Cullom is encouraging all navy personnel

to take a look at their new Facebook page and video podcast for

some ideas on making energy wise choices during the Holiday season.

Now all of the other services need to get on board this Energy Saving Train

and send out this same message to their members.

When it comes to saving energy, everyone should be on board this train.

Sailors Encouraged to Conserve Energy

Navy Task Force Energy Facebook Page



November 27, 2011

The Navy's Hybrid Electric Ships

I like all of this new thinking from the Navy, except for the

idea of anything nuclear being in the seas or in the air.

America needs to end her dependence on other countries for any

kind of fuel, but especially that being used for our Military.

The goal of the SECNAV Mabus is to have the Navy's fuel consumption

of fossil fuels reduced by 50% by 2015 and this new biofuel

being used is an algae product and a good beginning.

The name for this new alternative energy Fleet for the Navy

is the "Great Green Fleet."

This new trend makes us look good to the rest of the world and

shows that America is still an innovative world leader.

A non fossil fuel military is exactly what the whole world needs to

be doing in a joint Global effort, if we are ever going to clean up

our environment and get weaned off of non renewable energy forever.

US Navy Powers Destroyer with Biofuel



November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Now back to our regular channel

Thanks to the complete failure of the "Super Committee" to do its job,

the Navy may now be forced to cut the budget of the Blue Angels,

who have so proudly represented the men and women of my navy

and the Marines for over 60 years.

It seems like an odd place to cut, when they only get about $37 million

of the Pentagon's massive $926 Billion annual budget.

Still, if they are to be eliminated, then it would only be fair to do the

exact same thing with the Thunderbirds and the Golden Knights.

You cannot favor one of your children over the other.

It seems a shame that the only thing left of my Navy may in the future,

 only be War Ships, War Weapons and War Machines.

Blue Angels Fly into an Age of Budget Woes



November 21, 2011

Add Another Name to the List

This week in Tampa, another severely wounded soldier was given a new home.

This time it was Army Sgt. Joel Tavera, who for the past four years has

endured over 75 surgeries, yet still remains positive through it all.

'Building Homes for Heroes' is just one of so many organizations

now dedicated to giving back to our returning wounded.

Now I only have one question, how many other returning

wounded veterans can we help like this one?

There are thousands more whose stories must also be told.

Wounded Soldier Gets New Home in Tampa

Building Homes for Heroes



November 18, 2011

It's the very least we can do

Seems Like An Almost Fair Trade to Me, a House For 2 Legs.

To fully appreciate the dry humor of this remark,

You would have to go back to the 1960's to Understand what

it was like for my whole generation coming home from Viet Nam

and the often cold, sometimes hostile, welcome that we all got,

But, today it's a new generation and the welcoming home committees

are now giving our wounded warriors the show of respect that

every single military veteran has always deserved.

For Army Sgt. Puertas, it is a new home, for others it may only be a smile

and a thank you, but it's a change we can all learn to love.

The next time you meet a wounded veteran and sometimes it is not easy,

to recognize them because not all wounds are physical, please,

offer them the kind of thanks they deserve for a job well done.

Orlando Home For Wounded Veteran

Homes For Our Troops



November 15, 2011

Say It Proudly, "Made in America"

Once again the U.S. Navy has done the right thing,

and has given a Defense Contract to the American Company,

American Systems of Chantilly, Virginia worth up to $26 Million.

If like me, you have been disgusted with the recent trend

by our Country in giving huge contracts to outsiders,

this gives us all a reason for renewed hope and pride.

We all need to let the people that we pay to do a job for us

in Washington know that we demand that this be

the norm, instead of the exception, when it comes

to making or building products for America.

Let your local elected person in office know how you feel,

by phone or email, just send them this message:

Let's bring the work and the dollars back to America,

because "Frankly Scarlet" we need the jobs and

the money a whole lot more than they do!

American Systems Awarded Navy Contract



November 12, 2011

The Folds Of Honor

One of the many ways to thank those who have made the ultimate sacrifice

for their country, is by making sure that their children can

and will be able to go to college.

An organization called "Folds of Honor", started by Pilot Major Dan Rooney,

who witnessed a family's grief for their returning solider years ago

and then made it his mission to see that the children of

these fallen soldiers never have to be "left behind."

At a recent golf Tournament, the young son of Marine Sgt. Michael Bock,

who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010 and was the first Florida soldier

to receive a silver star since the invasion began in 2001,

was awarded a full scholarship.

if you wish to help by having a Golf event,

please call Mike Langley of Leesburg at: 352 787-3580

Folds of Honor Gives Full Scholarship to Son of Marine

Folds of Honor



November 9, 2011

Remembering those who gave all on Veterans Day

As Veterans Day approaches on Friday, it is time to say thank you

once again, to all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for

God and Country, our Military Veterans.

From me and millions of Americans, to all of you, those who came home,

those who did not and those who came back wounded,

thank you, we owe you more than we can ever repay.

The groups below are two of the many who are devoted to our Veterans:

A group of Wounded Veterans who refuse to accept any limitations in their lives:

The Wounded Warriors Ride

An organization that offers care for wounded Veterans and their families:

Hope For the Warriors



November 5, 2011

An Insult To Our Brave War Veterans

Two time Iraq war veteran, 24 year old Scott Olsen,

who protected our right to the first amendment,

by serving two tours in Iraq, in 2006 and 2007,

was critically injured by the Oakland Police while

legally demonstrating in support of what he went to war for.

We all have the Freedom to peacefully protest for these rights

and should not need to fear local Police while doing so.

Occupy Oakland

Iraq Vet Seriously Hurt In Oakland Protests



November 2, 2011

Thank You For Your Dedication to Us

Can you remember the last time you saw a first Lady of this,

or any other Country, doing what Michelle Obama is doing here?

I cannot.

The project called, "Sears Heroes at Home " is painting

a home here for Sgt. Johnny Agbi , Jr.

Mrs. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have now set the bar very high

for future White House women.

So many in the past, have only been  allowed to be involved with

"women's work," like decorating or entertaining foreign dignitaries

while they were in the White House.

Now, This pair of strong, vibrant women, who are not to be denied,

are using their position to bring attention to a situation in America,

that deserves everybody's attention:

the living conditions for so many of our Military Veterans.

Ladies, we the Veterans of this country proudly salute you both.

Joining Forces to Rebuild 1,000 Homes for Veterans



October 30, 2011

It's All Good, It's Made in America!

The U.S. Navy's newest Submarine, a Virginia-Class Attack Submarine

was commissioned yesterday at a ceremony in Norfolk, Va.

The USS California will be commanded by Clinton, Connecticut

Native, Commander Dana Nelson.

Groton based Electric Boat, Mare Island, California and

Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia, should all

take pride in this newest U.S. built Submarine,

that is made in America and will be home ported at

the Naval Base New London in Groton, Connecticut.

Connecticut Native Takes Helm of Navy's Newest Nuclear Submarine



October 27, 2011

J.R. Martinez

Heroes come in many sizes and shapes, but severely wounded soldiers

don't normally become contestants or stars on popular TV shows.

J.R. Martinez has broke all of the usual molds.

This Army Iraq War veteran has shown the rest of us what true courage,

selflessness and commitment truly are.

J.R. has been through hell and back, but just keeps on smiling,

showing that besides being a great motivational speaker,

he has just a few other talents like his great moves on

Dancing with the Stars,

and his dramatic skills on all my children.

J.R. Martinez is a winner!

If there was ever a case for self-pity, he could have been one,

but J.R. refuses to feel sorry for himself and has dedicated

his life to helping others.

Yes, this man is a real hero for so many reasons.

A great YouTube about his life is here:

IAVA Honors J.R. Martinez



October 24, 2011

Serving Your Country Does Not Guarantee VA Health Benefits Later

It seems that when it comes to Medical Care, the new VA qualifications

and restrictions gives some Veterans all and others none.

Depending on when you served and your current income level,

the VA can and does deny many Veterans who have served

during our wars or conflicts, Medical Health benefits.

The Government run VA health centers have very strict rules

now, for who does and does not get care.

The lines seemed blurred to me and many veterans are left with no way

to get the medical help that they need and have few other options.

US Navy Veteran Says He's Gotten "Very Little" From VA



October 21, 2011

Watching Our Backs in the Gulf

My opinion of what to do about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

is to congratulate the British Warship HMSA Iron Duke (F234),

for their recent heads up response to the speedboat that made

a threatening move on their ship.

Then it should be about time for our Blue Angels to do some flybys

while escorting our Navy P-3 Orion surveillance planes on their

routine patrols over the Persian Gulf.

Top Gun comes to mind!

Shocking Gulf Firefight Caught On Tape

US Shouldn't Ignore Iran's Speedboat Threat



October 18, 2011

Dear Fellow Veterans

If you are having trouble finding long lost buddies,

this could be a good place to start looking for them.

Some of us old salts still reminiscing about what we remember

as the "good ol' days", should give this web site

a "look see" to help us find an old war buddy.

To quote them, this group is:

"Helping United States military veterans reconnect,

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard,

connecting people and reuniting thousands of old friends."

Vet Friends



October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to you

Calm winds and following seas, a happy 236th birthday to the US Navy:

Navy Marks 236th Birthday

Semper Fidelis, a happy 236th birthday to the US Marines Corps:

Marine to Run 236 Miles

Be all that you can be, a happy 236th birthday to the US Army:

The 236th United States Army Birthday

Semper Paratus, a Happy 221st Birthday to the US Coast Guard:

Happy Birthday to the US Coast Guard



October 12, 2011

This is a 2 Part Commentary on Drone Warfare

Part One - The Computer Virus Infection

As one of many strong advocates of the ideology of,

if we must go to war, go with Drone Warfare,

this story is unbelievable to say the least.

It looks to me from reading the reports, that this is just a common malware.

If our government cannot control computer virus software,

how can the normal user ever hope to?

How can they justify the use of Drones, if they cannot know for sure,

if the Drone might boomerang on them?

In 2009, insurgents in Iraq were able to capture video from

the Drones using a piece of cheap software.

Computer Virus Reportedly Hits US Drones

Part Two - The CIA Drones

Our government will not officially acknowledge that Drones

are carrying out Airstrikes in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries.

I have some thoughts on this......

It is no secret that the countries complaining about our air strikes,

have been contributing to a systematic assault on our troops,

Beginning with Bush 1 and continuing through until today.

If the people of these countries wish for us to stop hunting killers ,

then they need to stop hiding and protecting them.

If you hide or help these monsters, you are also our enemy.

In the end, even you will benefit by the removal of these killers,

before they turn on you, if they have not done so already.

Are Drones Carrying Out Airstrikes?



October 9, 2011

Our Veterans Believe the Wars Were Not Worth Fighting

As the tenth year of fighting these two wars is being observed,

many in this country think that the costs were just too high.

The cost in lives for these two wars is over 6,000 and still counting

and the cost in dollars is at one trillion.

However, something that is never talked about is this,

that with every conflict, (we have not been in a war since 1945)

before the conflict is ended, we turn the land

and the people over to the enemy.

then we send millions more into this country, so that they can build

inferior products to sell to us for less than our American companies

are able to make and sell them for.

In a real war, both sides fight until one side wins, the fight is to win,

not to give up and walk away at the end.

One-in-Three Vets Say Wars Were Not Worth It

Veterans Believe Iraq and Afghan Wars Not Worth Fighting



October 6, 2011

We Are Your Veterans

Found this great story in my local paper,

the Daily Commercial last week.

We do not have to be in uniform or on active duty to be

involved in doing what is right for our country.

At a recent luncheon in Eustis, Florida, Am Vets Post 2011

gave a check to members of the Veterans organization,

Resource and Recovery for the homeless .

The money was raised for the group over the Labor Day weekend.

Am Vets Org



October 3, 2011

Long Overdue Respect For Our Military

I Did not know that the Senate passed a resolution proclaiming March 30th

as "Welcome Home Viet nam Veterans Day."

It was introduced by North Carolina Republican Richard Burr

to commemorate March 30th, 1973, which was the last day of the conflict.

If not for my Native American heritage, this date would have still gone unnoticed.

why does this country still take that conflict out on our warriors?

This Ain't Hell, But You Can See It From Here

Viet Nam Veterans Day



September 29, 2011

Our Navy's Newest Ship is Made in America

The USS Spruance, our Navy's newest destroyer, pulled into Key West, Florida

this week and will be commissioned on October 1st.

Although I am not pleased with the current war and war machines, we need

to understand that many counties are just waiting for us to slip up,

so that they can crush peace loving countries around the world.

But the best part of this, I believe, is that this new ship and her sister ship,

the USS Michael Murphy, were and are being made in the United States by Americans.

The USS Murphy is slated for completion next year at Bath Iron Works in Maine.

For now, the Navy's newest destroyer the USS Spruance, pays a port call in Key West.

The USS Spruance



September 26, 2011

Homeless Grandmother given a home

As shown in this story, Veterans groups help more than just Veterans.

Why in this great country are there still people like Sandie Wilbanks,

our military Veterans and Elders on Reservations living in such terrible conditions?

The only thing that sandie did to our society was to lose her husband and go blind.

The only thing that our Viet Nam Veterans did was to fight for our freedom

in a war that was never really supported and few approved of in America.

And finally, the only thing that Elder Native Americans have done,

is to be born Native Americans.

What is that old saying, "there but for the grace of God, go you or I?"

You never know, you could be the next homeless person on the street.

Paying It Forward




September 23, 2011

The USS Florida

The state of Florida has a long list of her people who have served,

are serving and I am sure will be serving in our Navy for this country.

Did you know that the state has also had many ships serving our country also?

There have been at least ten ships named for the state, some by fuel,

and one by Nuclear.

each has its own story to tell about Florida's past,

present and the future.

Many have had different missions, some have been reconstructed

and at least one is now a training ship.

Despite their differences they carry a special name:

USS Florida

Florida on the High Seas



September 20, 2011

A New ERA in Welcome Home

This should be happening in every state in this country!

The Warriors Watch Riders organize events for servicemen and women,

who are either deploying or coming home from service to our country.

the mission of the Warrior Watch Riders is to make sure that servicemen


and women know that there are people supporting them before they go,

as well as during and after they return home.

Ride coordinator Barb Fitzpatrick says, "This is to honor the soldiers coming

and going into war zones because of the way men came home from Viet Nam.

We don't want them to come home or go feeling ashamed."

Minooka Marine Gets Honorable Send Off



September 16, 2011

Why Did This Take Two Years?

President Obama gave the Medal of Honor to Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer

yesterday at the White House, but why did this take two years to happen?

Didn't this outstanding soldier, who claims to only to have done his job,

deserve to have this award given to him long ago?

Going against orders, Meyer chose instead at great personal risk,

to save the 36 lives of both American and Afghan soldiers.

Obama awards Medal of Honor

Marine Receives Medal of Honor at White House



September 5, 2011

And now, The Blue Angels are goin' green!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better,

along come the blue angels.

Every aircraft of the Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron,

which performed over the labor day holiday at the Patuxent River Air Expo (NAS),

was powered by a biofuel blend.

This is the ultimate demonstration of the Navy's commitment to reducing

our dependence of fossil fuels and foreign oil, as well as protecting

the environment using cleaner, more sustainable

and renewable energy sources.

Blue Angels Soar on Biofuel


September 2, 2011

Our Navy is Going Green in the Aloha State

The U.S. Military Service branches of Army, Navy and Marines in Hawaii

are working to reduce their energy consumption

of Fossil Fuels and increasing their energy

consumption from renewable sources.

The Navy has contracted with three Hawaiian companies to produce

Solar Power for various military sites in the state including,

at Pearl Harbor and on the Islands of Maui and Kauai.

U.S. Navy Contracts For Solar Power



August 30, 2011

It's Time For Robo-Copter

Our only combat casualty in Libya had no way to defend itself,

and that is about to change.

there was no loss of Human life however, which is the best news of all.

A second video shows that President Bush ordered about 46 drone attacks

and President Obama ordered about 218.

Not sure what points the report is trying to make?

Drone warfare is still in its infancy and the enemy is now everywhere.

After spending the past few months in the Indian Ocean chasing pirates,

watching over troops in Afghanistan and flying into a stronghold in Libya,

our Navy's Robotic helicopter called Fire Scout, is about to begin

test-firing rockets that it can use to defend itself if attacked.

It be would great, if in the future, all wars were fought using

drone warfare only, with no human military casualties.

After Libya Shoot Down, U.S. Robo-Copter Will Weaponize



August 27, 2011

A Remarkable Navy Man Honored During Navy Week

A Hoosier Navy man has been honored by

the renaming of a local park in Indianapolis.

Navy Lieutenant j.g. Graham Martin, was one of the Navy's 13 member

Golden Thirteen, the first African Americans to become Officers.

Following his military service, Martin came home to become a Varsity Football

and baseball coach at Crispus Attucks High School from 1947-1982.

Martin, was a football player, Senior Class President and valedictorian

at Attucks before going on to Indiana University,

where he earned his degree and also played football.

Martin finished his education with a Masters degree from Howard University,

before joining the US Navy in 1942, which was at the time segregated.

Golden Thirteen Park Dedication photos

Martin Honored for Making a Difference

A Golden Thirteen Member is Honored



August 23, 2011

Navy Seals Drop in on Indianapolis

Once again, for the third time since its inception,

It's Navy Week in the Capital of Indiana.

Although Indianapolis may seem a strange location for Navy events,

the city does have a bit of their own Naval history, including

an active Destroyer named after a Hoosier General and the

famous USS Indianapolis, which was honored this week by renaming

the Interstate wrap-around the city I-465, after it.

The most beautiful place in downtown for many Hoosiers,

will always be the Soldiers and Sailors Monument

on the circle with its own special memories for

residents who had driven around it after their

graduations, proms and weddings to celebrate.

The parachute team Leap frogs were to make several drops, but because

of the recent tragedy, those at the State Fair Grounds were canceled.

While the Seals are in Indianapolis for Navy Week, some of their activities will

include visits to the Colts and lending a hand at Habitat for Humanity.

Twenty other cities have hosted Navy Week so far this year,

including Chicago, Cincinnati and Detroit.

Navy Seals Hit the Ground Standing



August 20, 2011

Lending a Hand for Good in Thailand

Crew Members of the USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier Group,

spent some shore time recently helping those in the area by

painting and cleaning up lawns at schools for the blind

and disabled and also at senior homes.

The excited local children also received autographs of the helpful Crew.

After the work was done, the Sailors enjoyed some time with the

children playing games of football and soccer.

Always ready to do any job right, our Navy has always been one

we can all take pride in and these Service Members make the US look good.

US Navy Clean and Paint for Needy in Thailand



August 17, 2011

Nothing New Here

This has been going on since WWI!

Seems like the only time that we can count on our tax dollars

being spent wisely by our government and the military,

is when we force them to pay out of their own pockets

for their blundering and careless disregard for our money.

Our money should not even be going to these countries, because most of

them have more than we do, thanks to all of the oil and gas wells

that have made them super rich and that we built.

In this murky process known as "reverse money laundering",

payments from the U.S. goes through companies hired by our

military for transportation, construction, power projects

and other services to businesses with ties to the

insurgency or criminal networks according to the AP.

Wasn't the mob doing this as far back as the 1920's?

Nothing new here.

$360M Lost to Insurgents, Criminals in Afghanistan



August 14, 2011

Issaquah History Museum Remembers '45 Day

The dates were either August 14 or 15,

this difference was due to time zones across the Pacific Ocean.

"People made some amazing sacrifices, and contributions"

said museums director Erica Maniez,

"I think that really contributed to a lot of feelings of unity,

not just on a local level, but on a national level"

This is what we sorely need, not reliving any war, we should all hate war.

but, the reliving of coming together as "one nation -------------- "

working to once again be "all that we used to be!"

Yes, it should have said, "under God", however we need everyone pulling together,

so, we should not start out with an argument about our individual supreme beings.

Commemorate End of World war II on Spirit of '45 Day

Memorial Day 2011 in Washington DC

Spirit of '45 Day



August 11, 2011

The Space Shuttle, Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

It began in 1981 with Columbia and ended July 21, 2011 with the return home of Atlantis.

in between were 135 launches and 30 years of the reason that

the United States led the way in Space Exploration in the world.

Now it is finished and with it will we now become a second rate country in Space?

The sadness was felt all across this country, but none more than here

in Central Florida, where thousands of jobs were lost forever.

The Shuttle program and NASA were such a vital part of the

economy for this region and now it is gone.

Will this also cost President Obama his job as well?

Any man who wants to be President must carry the state of Florida

and ending the Shuttle program so quickly could really hurt him.

We will see.

The Space Shuttle Program: Spanning 30 years of Discovery



August 8, 2011

Our Navy Is Going Green In Guantanamo

Two fuel efficient 3.5 Megawatt Generators were installed

and turned on at the Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, July 29.

These two generators and four wind turbines were installed in 2005.

The base has been using generators that dated back to 1957.

Two more of the 112,000 Pound 3.5 Megawatt Generators are due to be

on the island in September and to be installed in December and January.

It would be nice if they could add more wind and some solar generators too,

just as long as we take them with us if we ever leave the base.

New Generators on Guantanamo Bay Already Saving Money



August 5, 2011

While China is building a massive military presence, who is watching our store?

China is not only building an aircraft carrier fleet, they are buying up

a massive military force to bully the east and other countries,

but also to keep us out of their waters in the future.

Their military budget for 2011 is $91.5 Billion and one third of that is for their Navy.

While our Navy has been sliding into mediocrity, theirs has been growing stronger every day.

When China makes its next move and we all know that they will,

We and the countries of the East will be in serious trouble.

China's Two Pronged Maritime Rise



August 2, 2011

Army, navy, Air Force or Marines, we still do not leave a man behind

half of a century of waiting ends as a naval aviator from Houston

who died in the Vietnam war, finally makes it home.

Lt. Commander William Patrick Egan was flying an A1-H Skyraider

off of the aircraft carrier USS Hancock, when he was shot down

April 19, 1966 while bombing targets in Central Laos which was then

considered a major artery of the ho Chi Min Trail leading into Vietnam.

Egan's widow Anne, received the remains of the "love of her life" in an urn.

A burial for the navy pilot was held July 20, 2011 accompanied

by over 100 motorcyclists, many of whom are combat veterans

of the Patriot Guard, who often escort funerals.

"He's part of our family, we're never going to leave our heroes behind,

no matter how long it takes" said Navy Veteran and rider K.P. McNeal.

Houston Vietnam Vet Comes Home After 50 Years



July 30, 2011

Can the US Navy and Dolphins Co-Exist Peacefully?

Today there was an interesting story on CNN about a

Navy Marine Mammal Unit that is being used to train Dolphins to

detect and intercept swimmers who could be potential terrorists.

they are also training other animals to check the shoreline

and ships for mines and explosives.

Their are several different opinions about this program linked below:

CNN: Beasts of Warfare

Marine Mammal Program

US Navy Trains Dolphins and Sea Lions



July 27, 2011

Navy Having Open House at Port of Los Angeles

The Summer X Games and Navy Week will be together for the first time.

Sure wish I could be in Los Angeles this week.

The US Navy is having an Open House, so to speak and four ships

will be docked at Cabrillo Beach and open to the public

for tours, exploring and learning.

This is a great way for the public to see and

enjoy all that the Navy has to offer.

Great PR for them, lots of fun for families!

Navy Week Runs July 25 - 31



July 23, 2011

Pakistan Ends US Use of Base for Drone Attacks

Pakistan has stopped the US from using an air base in the southwest

part of the country to launch drone strikes against militant groups.

I say, "it is their country, so if that is what they want, so be it."

we should agree, but with the understanding that if they do not control

the militants, we will, from other places and as hard as we need to.

then we must immediately stop all money and

goods going from us into their country.

Pakistan to US: No More Drone Strikes from Base



July 19, 2011

For the Navy, It's Time to Move On

This is not a bad idea and is about time, just as long as

all of the people of Japan agree to this move.

Japan has been a good friend and military ally since WWII

and Iwo Jima is an unnecessarily bad reminder of the past.

From today's military point of view, it is also an inconvenience,

while helping to keep peace in the region.

Not one of these places need to be used in today's wars:

US Navy Studies Plans to move Training off of Iwo Jima

Remembering the Puerto Rica and Central Florida bombing ranges:

Remembering Puerto Rica

Central Florida Bombing Ranges



July 16, 2011

My Viet Nam Brothers, stand with me and send a message to Chase Bank:

Don't Foreclose on a young soldier's family Home

Do you now have or are you planning on getting a Chase Bank Credit Card?

Please look at the web site below, before you make your final decision.

We were planning on getting this Credit card just recently,

but after reading this about them, we have since changed our minds.

As a Viet Nam Veteran, I will forever boycott this Company.

I ask you to join me and millions of Veterans in Boycotting Chase Bank.

Boycott Chase Bank



July 13, 2011

Who Will Stand With Us?

If the United States ever decided that we were going to invade

countries like Mexico, Cuba or Chili and take them as our own,

every country in the world, especially communist China,

would scream and rightfully so and line up on their side against us.

This Communist Country, China, has been threatening to do this ever

since it overthrew its own leaders years ago.

Australia you could be next.

China Sea Dispute Looms Large in US Visits

Caught Between the Giants



July 10, 2011

Our Navy To The Rescue

Thank God for two tug boats and the fast response of the USS Philippine sea,

all 26 crew members of the Liberian-flagged oil tanker were rescued.

but the briallante Virtuoso did not fight the fire on board and

instead abandoned 144,000 tons of crude oil to the ocean.

the two tug boats towed the ship and its load of oil to safe port in Aden.

US Navy Rescues Tanker Crew

Pirates Attack Oil Tanker

Tanker Catches Fire

Oil Tanker on Fire



July 7, 2011

Flying High with the Blue Angels

The Navy's Blue Angels fly and fly well, but

they also make time to meet with the public.

After missing the air show the week before,

Three children from the Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Make a Wish Foundation got to meet with the Blue Angels Pilots

while they were at a reception recently.

Each child had their picture taken and received autographs

from the Pilots before going to Disney World.

Make A Wish Children Meet Blue Angels Pilots

Meeting The Blue Angels



July 4, 2011

Launching the Military Spouses Employment Partnership

Military spouses already have a great work ethic, skills and education

needed to make them great employees in today's workforce,

but, they also have some drawbacks that others don't have,

like frequent moves and deployments.

Recognizing these challenges was a Top Priority for the

joining forces initiative that First Lady Michelle Obama

and Dr. Jill Biden are now heading up.

Their new plan was created to develop and encourage educational

opportunities for military spouses.

the military spouse employment partnership will make people aware

of all of the services for them that they didn't know that they had.

Opening Doors for Military Spouses

Career Step, an online School partner



July 1, 2011

The US Navy to Get Bids on Biofuel for Ships and Planes

It is a good idea for the Navy, as well as other military branches,

to get bids on fuel, biofuel to be exact.

this will force companies to compete with each

other and drive the prices to the Navy down.

Queensland Bidding to Supply US Navy Biofuel



June 28, 2011

The US Military is Now Embracing Alternative Energy

Why you might ask?

Because up to half of our casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan

come from guarding oil convoys.

The Pentagon now says what people have been saying for years,

that we will no longer tolerate oil's "burden in blood."

Well duh!

the truth is, that we are guarding all of the oil wells

in these countries as well.

every war/conflict, that our young men and women have been

fighting since the Viet nam war/conflict, has been to protect oil

and oil supplies in countries ruled by Kings like in Libya.

how are we thanked for this?

both countries cannot wait for us to get out, so that they can

once again overcharge us for this "blood stained" oil.

Blood and Oil



June 25, 2011

It Has Taken Way Too Long For This To Happen

53 year old Rear Admiral Nora Tyson commands one of the world's

biggest warships and is the first woman to command a US Carrier strike group.

Admiral Tyson, who joined the Navy in 1979, is in charge of 75 jets,

helicopters and other aircraft, together worth $45 billion,

as well as a cluster of cruisers and destroyers

and nearly 10, 000 men and women.

She says, "I hope I'm the first of many."

The Woman at the Helm in the US Navy

Her biography:

Rear Admiral Tyson



June 22, 2011

Museums Honor Many Military Members, But Not All

Two Chicago area Museums have become the latest of more

than 900 Blue Star museums in all 50 states.

They are offering free admission until Fall, to Active Duty,

National Guard and Reserve Military Members and their families,

but why did they not also include all those who have served in past wars,

like Viet Nam and the later wars in this offer?

And why only until Fall?

Dedication to duty and Country was not just a summer thing.

We were not on vacation!

All of our veterans should be included, all year long.

many were called, many served, not all came home.

Museums Honor Military



June 19, 2011

Diesel Submarines

After reading this story, my first thought was, what?

But after reading it again, maybe this is a great idea.

Diesels are very noisy compared to Nuclear, but if they are sunk,

for whatever reason, they will pollute for a much shorter period of time.

Just because it is called Diesel, does not mean that we cannot use new

and improved types of bio fuels, because we can.

it makes perfect sense to make some Submarines that are used solely

to keep track of Communist countries like China and North Korea,

just to let them know that we are watching them.

If this can be done safely and with less expense, so much the better.

China has added 40 Submarines to their list and North Korea has at least 35,

and both countries are using our money to help build their war machines.

*There are many shipyards in this country that were shut down by

past administrations, just waiting for the chance to hire our

laid off workers and get America back to work building again.*

US Navy Needs Diesel Submarines



June 16, 2011

Found this on the White House Blog

Coast Guard Admiral becomes first woman to lead a US Service Academy

If the Coast Guard and my Navy are not careful,

they just might become a Matriarch society.

Just kidding, but it is good to see that unlike Florida,

women are being recognized as good choices for top advancement.

women have proven themselves for centuries in our matriarch tribes

and they were the main reason why we did not battle ourselves into extinction.



Flag Day is June 14th

Do you know how to fly the American Flag?

Learn more here:

Rules for American Flag Display

Please remember that our veterans are watching to see how we honor

their sacrifices in past wars to assure that all of us would be free in the future.

Let us Show them the respect that they deserve on this very important day.

The Flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing.

The US Flag Code



June 13, 2011

The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Roughead says that

The Navy needs to find more efficient energy sources.

If humans abuse the Arctic the way that they have every other place,

the ice and snow will really start melting and there

will be climate change like nothing ever seen by mankind.

CNO Speaks at Strategy Forum

Another good web site showing newer and better sources for Military fuel:

Alternative Fuels for Aviation: Navy and Air Force are Bullish



June 10, 2011

So, Where Was Your Navy?

It would seem that the US is damned if they do and dammed if they don't.

Pirates hijacked a Taiwanese fishing boat back in March and

while It is true the family was in negotiations with these thugs,

the boat owner was never going to pay any ransom.

Someone must have called our Navy for help and help the Navy does.

But, this time, a person other than a pirate was killed and for this I agree,

we should apologize for this unfortunate accident, nothing more, nothing less.

Our Navy did the best that they could, because your navy did not.

Taiwan Protesters Pelt US Mission with Fish



June 7, 2011

America's Shame, Our Homeless Veterans

God bless our brother Lloyd Thorne, a Vietnam War veteran,

and Helen Shaut, the wife of a Viet Nam Vet,

who have a place in Eustis for Homeless Vets.

Their Organization is called Resource and Recovery for Homeless or VORRH.

There are about 17,000 homeless veterans in Florida, second in the Country

after California, including those in the Woods between Gainesville

and Apopka that Thorne checks up on regularly.

Homeless Vets

If there are this many Homeless Veterans just in Florida,

how many are there in the whole country?

The politicians in this country are responsible for this unspeakable situation

and so are you and so am I,

we all need to share this shame and this blame.

We need to bring our people home from two countries that no longer want or need us.

For those of you who voted for Rick Scott, please  read the story below and

then find a way to let him and all those like him, that we Veterans are

a powerful voting group and we will remember exactly which of them

turned their backs on us, at next election time.

Speak the only language politicians understand, vote them out of office.

Rick Scott vetoes Grant for Homeless Vets



June 3, 2011

Are you tired of all the bad news?

If it weren't for the bad news, we would have no news at all.

Sometimes I want to turn it all off, the TV, Radio and Computers, everything.

And then you read a story about a U.S. Navy Ship being named after Cesar Chavez.

The ship named for Chavez is so fitting, it is a Cargo Ship.

So, now there is hope that an airplane or a ship could be named for Mahatma Gandhi,

the Dalai Lama, or even Chief Tecumseh.

Might I suggest a Ship of hope, like the one used by the Red Cross for the Dalai Lama,

or a Freedom Ship on how to win a war without the use of weapons for Gandhi.

or a United Committee Freedom Plane to and from all countries for Chief Tecumseh?



May 31, 2011

The U.S. Navy is not the only one with an oops.....

61 gallons of toxic coolant leaked from a pipe being pumped

from the Nuclear Submarine HMS Trafalgar.

The Trafalgar was involved in another safety incident in 2002,

when it ran aground off the Isle of Skye.

My two questions are, how is this coolant cooled down while

the boat is running through the waters?

Pipe must be subjected to salt water at some point and

salt water is very corrosive.

Think about this.

How many accidents by our Navy have never been reported?

The Military does not have to report to the people.

Submarine in Worst Nuclear Leak Since the 80's



May 28, 2011

Just How Safe are our Nuclear Fuel Rods in America?

Experts say that 30 million spent Nuclear Fuel Rods in

this country could cause a Fukushima type disaster.

My home state of Connecticut lost 2 spent fuel rods years ago

and they still have not been found.

Each of these rods is lethal for at least 10,000 years.

I have been writing about the dangers of Nuclear Power since the

First Atomic Powered Reactor was built in Connecticut in the 1960's<,/a>

however, even I was shocked to learn that the number

is 30 million and still climbing.

Today these same plants are called Nuclear Power Plants,

a clever way the builders used to make them seem

less dangerous and more important to our Country.

The World's First Nuclear Powered Submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN-571)

was built in 1951 by Electric Boat in Connecticut, where

some members of my family worked for many years.

The Nautilus is now retired and has been made into a Museum

of Submarine history with thousands of visitors a year.

I can remember our politicians talking about launching nuclear waste into space.

If you have a leak in your wind generator, you fix the leak or do not worry about it.

If you have a leak in your wave generator, you may need to repair the leak.

But if you have a leak in your spent fuel rod, you are dead.



May 25, 2011

We Take Care of our Own

This weekend is Memorial Day and for those who understand its true meaning,

it is a time for all of us to thank the Veterans in this and other countries

for the great sacrifices they have made to keep all of us free.

If you don't already have plans, here are several that you might consider attending:

North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System will host a Memorial Day Ceremony.

The VAMC will host its annual "Catch the Sprit " Memorial day Ceremony Event,

Friday May 27 at 10 AM on the Front Lawn of the Lake City VAMC.

The Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville will be celebrating

Memorial Day with a Ceremony Honoring Fire and Rescue Workers,

Monday may 30 at 10AM at Forest Meadows Cemetery.

Other planned events are Parades in Orlando and Leesburg.

Memorial Day VA Ceremonies in Florida



May 22, 2011

Come Fly with the Blue Angels

New state of the art additions to their web site will now allow

interested viewers to come fly with the Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels is promoting their new site to increase recruiting,

inspire existing service people by setting an example of precision

and pride and to instill a sense of patriotism among the public.

Inside the Cockpit: A Captivating Experience



May 19, 2011

Chavez honored by Navy

Yesterday it was a dream and a wish, today it is a fact,

The US Navy has named a Ship after Navy veteran

and Farm Labor leader Cesar Chavez.

After some initial drama, the Navy has named a Lewis and Clark

Class Cargo Ship after a man who spent his life

trying to make others lives better.

The US Navy Secretary Mabus made the announcement

in San Diego yesterday.

As of 2006, Hispanics numbered 43,000 in the Navy,

Hispanic men represent 11% of that number,

but make up less than 5% of Naval Officers.

Hispanics in the Navy by the Numbers



May 16, 2011

Caring For Our PTSD Veterans

the Ninth Circuit says treatment for PTSD and other

disorders are so "egregious that they violate veterans rights."

"Judges say that they have waited long enough for the VA

to act and were compelled to intervene."

This overhaul is so overdue that it is ridiculous, not only do the

suicides need to be mentioned, but we also need to talk

about the terrible crimes that these Veterans

may commit if they have too many flashbacks.

We should also talk about the returning Vets who are now homeless.

Some of these Veterans have lost everything that they loved because no one

took the time to try to understand their horror or help them deal with it.

A friend of mine came back from Viet Nam and to this day,

whenever he hears a loud noise, he dives to the ground,

then looks for where the noise came from.

Our help at discharge time was, "How are you feeling?

"Do you feel like committing suicide?"


"OK, Go Home!"

Court Orders Overhaul of VA Mental Health System



May 13, 2011

Serve your country again?

You served your country honorably, now, its time to do it again,

only, this time it's nine months in the house of corrections.

Why are we throwing traumatized Vets in Jail for calling 911?

when we servicemen returned from the Bay of Pigs, the Panama Canal

and Viet Nam, to us these were all wars.

Many of us spent time talking with counselors about how we felt

about our time in the service of our country.

I spent about a half an hour with a 1st class corpsman talking about this.

We both laughed and I left the service.

thank God I was in the Navy, because my service time was nowhere as

traumatizing as the other branches of the service were.

Now, Veterans are getting a second chance to be truly treated for what war

does to soldiers, regardless of whether politicians call it a war,

a conflict or an incident.

No matter the name, it is still traumatizing.

Now, Veteran courts, about 46 of them in 20 states,

like the one of Judge Robert Russell, in Buffalo New York,

are treating the veterans as well as trying the crimes committed by them.

Veteran Courts


May 9, 2011

If you were Wounded in a War and are Still Alive,

please thank a Nurse!

The North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System

is honoring nurses May 6-12.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is the nation’s largest

single employer of nurses who are dedicated to saving lives

and maintaining the health of our Veterans.

National Nurses Week began on May 6, marked as Nurse Recognition Day,

and ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale,

founder of nursing as a modern profession.

It's Nurses Week at the VA


May 6, 2011

Anyone who knows me or has been reading my Blogs, knows

that I watch very carefully whenever a school, or even

a University, puts up a new web site about Native Americans.

There is a new web site, that appears to be a much appreciated exception.

Assistant Professor Lawrence Gross, a Montana State University Professor

and an Anishinaabe/Ojibwa, has created what I call an about time web site,

offering help to all of my brothers and sisters from wars and conflicts.

Native and non Natives, are all one in stress, both physically

and mentally and traditional Natives know that the ceremonies

he is doing, will greatly help us all.

Veteran Ceremonies

Veterans with PTSD


May 2, 2011

Are we not A Christian Nation under God?

This is not just closure, it should be treated as comfort.

The Navy Seals, the greatest fighting machine in the world,

were in a firefight with bin Laden and his henchmen,

they faced him, asked him to surrender, but he would not.

Wouldn't it have been much better , (a long term plan)

to shoot him in the legs and/or arms,

(to make sure that he couldn't run, or pull the trigger on a bomb)

and then bring him back to New York City to stand trial?

We are, after all, called a Christian Nation under God aren't we?

What does the jubilant celebrating all over the world say

about us as the human race, when we celebrate death for death?

Bin Laden's Death Brings Closure to Local Firefighters


And speaking of the Navy Seals, they just keep doing it right!

To learn more about this great group of Navy Men,

who are into everything when it comes to getting it right for their country.

take a look at their award winning web site Blog,

which is not just about war, it is about giving help of all kinds :

US Navy Seals Blog Among the Great American Web Sites


April 29, 2011

Love the Good Old USA

Let this be the first of a landslide of moves back home

for all of our wayward companies.

For too long now, companies starting in this country have

strayed away or gone overseas.

These jobs and these companies, however large or small,

will show the world that Americans can and should be, our own keepers.

because of changing times, Naval Bases in this country are

closing down and good hard working Americans are losing jobs.

Let us close down our bases around the world first,

turn them into sub stations and return our own people back to work.

Brunswick Naval Air Station Brings Tenet 30 Jobs



April 26, 2011

One small step by Navy, one giant step for Earth

Navy to upgrade wastewater treatment plant and sewer system

The US Navy has agreed to minimize the release of metals, oils and

other pollutants treated by the Apra Harbor wastewater

treatment plant, to further reduce discharges

of aluminum based treatment chemicals into the sewers

and to prevent the leaching of copper from households.

The project is estimated to cost more than $50 million and be completed by 2016.

EPA and Navy Reach Agreement on Upgrades at Apra Harbor Treatment Plant



April 23, 2011

Of Love and War

This story is about two College sweethearts who found

each other again a quarter of a century later in Afghan.

This couple has now been married for seven years

and for each it was a first time marriage.

if you like romantic military stories, this one has three parts.

Romance Spans the Globe and Nearly 40 Years



April 20, 2011

This is not the first time that I have written about the abuse

of our Oceans and more than likely not the last, because the

US Navy does not have the answer for the people who pay them.

When I was in the navy, in the early '60's, I was ordered

every day to dump our waste into the Ocean.

I see that this has still not changed even today.

When a US Navy ship gets destroyed, the Navy just orders a new one,

but when Endangered Wildlife are destroyed,

we cannot just order up new ones.

If civilian ships have to keep their waste until they dock

and dispose of it properly, why doesn't the US Navy?

Environment: Military Debris Threatens Oceans




April 16, 2011

America is doing what we do best, helping those in need!

Members of the navy, Marines and Army show our long time

friends in Japan that we are with them in this new war with

the wrath of nature and present their defense minister

Toshimi Kitazawa, an Operation Tonmodachi banner.

Our military has been on the ground and helping since the

beginning of this disaster and we will be helping our friends,

until they can once again stand proudly on their own.

Military flexes might in war against Nature's wrath



April 13, 2011

Ok, for a long time, I have been pointing out many of the

good things that my Navy is doing around the world, but now I

and hundreds of thousands of people, including Environmental groups

and fishermen are upset and rightfully so, about the Navy's

planned Live-Fire exercises near Kodiak, Alaska.

at no time since the Viet Nam conflict, has the Navy bombed an enemy,

they now use computerized or so called smart bombs, or even better,

missiles from ships, submarines and planes.

so why is the Navy still in the Live

dive bombing mode while practicing?

What does this have to do with modern war fare?

Are we at war with wild and marine life?

Fishermen See Red Over Alaska Navy Exercises



April 10, 2011

Our Navy is still at it Bringing aid for Haitian Orphanages

The US Navy is trying hard to do its part in helping humanity,

but we need to find ways to stop the gridlock.

$1million in supplies, 177 pallets of bottled water and canned goods

were delivered by the Navy crew aboard the HSV-2 Swift.

The Navy had goods and supplies from the January 2010 earthquake,

but the shipment held up in Guantanamo Bay went past

its expiration date and most of it had to be thrown out.

US Navy Ship Brings Aid to Haitian Orphanages



April 6, 2011

Back together after only 67 years

A close encounter of the Navy Kind just happened

right here in my own neighborhood.

Two world war II Veterans met recently at their Chiropractors

office here in Lake County, Florida.

The two men worked together while serving on the Aircraft Carrier

USS Ticonderoga CV-14 in the South Pacific.

But, the chance meeting might never have happened, without

a Navy Cap to reveal their connection to each other.

When you think about the size of our carriers and how big

Florida is and these two men ended up living

just a few blocks away from each other.

What a small world!

It doesn't matter  how many times I write about my Elders Veterans,

this just never gets old, because like our WWI vets, soon they too will

be gone to that peaceful Military in the sky, to watch over  us forever.

Navy Vets are reunited



April 3, 2011

It's never too late, even at 95!

A WWII US Navy veteran will finally receive the necessary

paperwork to prove that he is a US Citizen.

After several failed attempts, the Government came through

for this 95 year old Veteran and he will now get everything

that he needs to get a special Driver's license.

WW II Vet finally gets Proof of Citizenship

More of this story



March 30, 2011

It is a matter of National Pride

The Recent attacks on Americans by Pirates sent a clear message

to all who sail through their part of the World,

if you come here, we will attack you.

But regardless of how foolish they were for not heeding the

warnings that may have saved their lives, these were still Americans

and this was an act of war.

It is time to send these Pirates back a message of our own,

"We will not tolerate the murder of Americans on any open Seas."

Time to return the favor



March 27, 2011

US Navy Barge Departs Yokosuka for Fukushima

A US Fresh Water Barge is heading to help cool the Fukushima nuclear plant.

While the Navy is heading to Fukushima with this barge, the U.S. Marines

are also helping, even with the increasing health risk, to unload

hardware to install hot showers and makeshift shelters.

To quote Marine Captain Robert Gerbract,

"I'd much rather be carrying relief food packages than a rifle."

Japan welcomes U.S. Troops

Also in the news, who can blame the German's Protest

of the use of Nuclear Power in their country?

the German people have a right to fear Nuclear Power:

German Nuclear Protests



March 24, 2011

U.S. Brings Relief and Goodwill to Japan

Operation Tomodachi (friend) has been going on now

almost as long as the disaster in Japan.

Say what you want about my Navy, however,

please give them credit where credit is due.

The United States Navy is always there when needed.

Contrary to popular belief, when their school children called them

Gods from the sky bringing much needed food, water and supplies,

they are not gods, however, God bless the United States Navy.

Navy Brings Relief to Japan



March 21, 2011

National Anthem at the Super Bowl - an Editorial

So, with all the kindness I can muster, I give this one piece of advice to the

next pop star who is asked to sing the national anthem at a sporting event:

learn the words, save the vocal gymnastics and the physical gyrations for your concerts.

Just sing this song the way you were taught to sing it in kindergarten straight up, no styling.

Sing it with the constant awareness that there are soldiers, sailors, airmen

and Marines watching you from bases and outposts all over the world.

Don't make them cringe with your self-centered ego gratification.

Sing it as if you are standing before a row of 86-year-old WWII vets

wearing their Purple Hearts, Silver Stars and flag pins on their cardigans

and you want them to be proud of you for honoring them and the country they love,

not because you want them to think you are a superstar musician.

They could see that from the costumes, the makeup and the entourages.

Sing The Star Spangled Banner with the courtesy and humility

that tells the audience that it is about America, not you.

Author Unknown



March 18, 2011

Nuclear Powered Submarines

On ABC news this morning we were shown several nuclear power plants

that are very near large populations of our people.

How easy would it be for a rouge country with a modern nuclear powered submarine

to use guided missiles and aim them towards each of our power plants?

It was very disturbing to see how many of our power plants, nuclear and non nuclear,

were built with so little regard for a future disaster like Japan now faces.

Can our country stop these missiles?

This can't be happening



March 15, 2011

Border Agents Forced to Use Bean Bags

We lost a good soldier in this new war, why?

Because he was ordered to use rubber bullets to fight

an enemy using a Russian AK 47.

What would this country look like if we had used wooden bullets

in 1846 in the war with Mexico?

This all began with an agent using his pistol to protect

himself on our side of the border,

who was being attacked by rock throwers.

In Guantanamo Bay in the 1960's, ship watchmen were ordered

to have one bullet in the pocket, to be loaded only after getting

permission from the OOD if attacked from the Bay.

We need to start protecting our people!

Concerns for our Border Agents



March 12, 2011

A Potential Nuclear Holocaust

In response to one of the World's greatest disasters this week in Japan,

Americans were quick to offer them help:

US Navy set to help Japan Earthquake Relief Effort

Our own Nuclear History

The first nuclear power plant in this country was built in 1954.

All the rest of our power plants were built in the early 1970's,

but, America's Nuclear power plants were not designed to survive

a worst case scenario,

as Japan just witnessed this week.

these people, like the Auto Industry,built for acceptable losses.

In this country we have hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes,

sink holes and an occasional chance for tsunamis.

My question since the 1970's has always been, what if?

So.....Worst Case Scenario or Build Baby Build,

which one will we choose?

We have so many other Safer choices, why not use one of them:

Alternative Energy



March 9, 2011

Wake Up America!

There are Billions in Federal waste.

Democrats and Republicans keep dropping the ball.

take a look at what Congress is doing with your money.

Can you say PORK BELLY?

If you don't do anything, you will get exactly what you deserve.

We can save $460 million in Duplications, overlapping and fragmentation

in our Military alone, without risking the life of a single military person.

There are Billions to be saved.

come on America, demand what you are paying for.

Federal Waste Report



March 6, 2011

The punishment must fit the crime!

When a person cheats the U.S. Government, that person needs to be punished.

however, when a person cheats our Government by selling

substandard materials used in the building of our Navy submarines,

which could have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of our servicemen,

this is attempted murder and the punishment should be the most

severe that is allowed by our laws!

Man sentenced for defrauding US Navy



March 3, 2011

Last U.S. Veteran of WW I Dies at 110

Today we lost someone who will be deeply missed,

he is truly the last of his kind, the last of the Great War.

We will miss him because we can no longer talk about that sad

time in history and while doing so talk to someone in the flesh.

I am speaking of Frank Buckles.

Someone by the way, who was also a POW-MIA as a Civilian.

These World war II veterans will not be with us for much longer,

please, remember this and let them know how much you

respect them every time that you see one of them.

A touch on the shoulder, a nod, anything to let these Men

know that they have not and never will be forgotten!

Buckles, last WWI doughboy dies at 110



February 26, 2011

Sacred Bundles created to help with their healing on trip back to Viet nam.

When we ask Creator in a good way, Creator Blesses in an even better way.

The hearts of my Viet Nam Brothers and sisters have

been heavy for such a long time,

I am pleased to see this group went to the Creator

in a good way (prayer and a clean heart).

We in this country could learn much from what happened

because this sacred bundle was handled correctly.


Veterans Tap Traditions of Native Americans



February 23, 2011

Should the US Navy have killed All the Pirates?

No, I believe that our Government did the right thing

by trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

I also do not believe that these people are all terrorists,

but possibly very hungry people looking for a way to save

their starving families lives.

I also do not believe that those who were killed

should have been there to begin with,

You cannot and should not try to force your Religious beliefs on

other people, especially if they are 8,000 miles away from your home

and in a very dangerous part of the world known for hijackings!

But, Americans were killed in international waters,

so the Somalis' should be our prisoners and treated as such!

Americans Hijacked by Somalis



February 20, 2011

US Navy Going Renewable

There can never be too much support for Alternative Energy.

It is very good that UC  Davis is lending a hand to the Navy,

but it would be appreciated if they could also lend that same hand

to the Elders on our Reservations, who could truly benefit from

a switch to Alternative Energy, like Solar and Wind Power.

UC Davis to help the Navy go Green



February 17, 2011

The Victorious US Carrier that didn't exist

During a very crucial time for the United States Navy,

while at war with Japan and with our carrier fleet

seriously crippled, along came a mysterious,

fully equipped carrier, the USS Robin.

The problem was, for both the enemy and the allies,

she could not be found in any of our records.

Today the mystery has been solved, she was actually

a British carrier, the HMS Victorious (R38).

And she saved the day!

The USS Robin



February 14, 2011

Navy Ordinance Chief Saves Life of navy Seal

"We just do what we are trained to do, Save lives!"

And Gerardo Sosa, a U.S. Navy explosive ordinance disposal chief, EOD,

did just that in Afghanistan on September 7, 2009.

Sosa was awarded the Navy star for his brave actions.

Navy EOD receives Navy Star for saving Navy Seal



February 11, 2011

Hello, It's your past on the phone!

This is for me and the old salts who like to reminisce

about the good old days back in the navy.

it is way past time for us to hit the internet

and find those shipmates.

while it is true that the USS Betelgeuse, (the goose)

does have a reunion every year,

we know that many of our old friends are still out there,

not knowing how or where to swap old stores and sea salt fib so to speak.

The search for an old sailor



February 8, 2011

All Women Navy

Remember the WAVES of WWII?

Lu Albrecht was a member and continues to be active at 90.

Today we would like to thank the US Navy for once

again recognizing the women of our Navy.

The WAVES were a group of women in the Military Service,

beginning in WWII, who were at the front in Hospitals

and almost every place else that they were needed,

while helping to end the terrible War!

Remember the WAVES of WWII ?



February 5, 2011

US Disrupts Pirate Attack

Two Navy ships, the USS Momsen and the USS Bunker Hill,

responded to a call from the Merchant Vessel Duqm,

whose crew reported Pirates were attempting to board their ship.

Arabian Sea Pirates thwarted

US Navy attacks suspected Pirates

When Pirates successfully rob ships, we all pay in higher prices.

These thugs are lazy and need to get a real job.



February 2, 2011

Can a trained Bomb dog go back to civilian life?

First, my condolences to Pfc. Colton Rusk's family.

I know from experience that an Army guard dog can be

retrained and returned to civilian life.

When I was younger, A friend of my brother's had a

German Shepherd that had served in the Korean War.

One day, my brother asked me to dog sit and the dog got loose.

I chased this guy all over town, until he caught me out on the city pier.

Because of the stories I had heard, the last thing I expected was,

that after growling at me, he would walk up and lick my face!

Semper -fi Eli, I hope that you get your new home soon.

Marine Dog may get a new home



January 29, 2011

Navy Week

now is the time to see first hand some of the good things that

the navy is doing for our young people and the country.

Some of the events will be fabulous Blue Angels precision Flying Team,

The Navy band, mobile dive tank and much more.

For more information about when it will be in your part of the country,

please see this web site:

Navy Week



January 26, 2011

Flight 93 families visit USS Somerset

The USS Somerset is named after the County in

Pennsylvania where Flight 93 went down on 9/11

and reminds us just how close we came to losing

The White House that terrible day.

Thanks to the heroes on Flight 93, it did not happen.

The USS New York and USS Arlington

are also dedicated to the Heroes of 9/11.

The USS Somerset



January 24, 2011

Wreaths for Fallen Soldiers

I very much regret that this story was missed last month

and even though the Holiday season has passed,

the reason for this show of respect will never leave us.

Wreath Ceremony planned for Fallen Soldiers

Wreaths for fallen soldiers

Volunteers craft Holiday wreaths for fallen soldiers



January 21, 2011

Sargent Shriver, Activist, politician and my hero

Robert Sargent Shriver, jr. (1915-2011)

Shriver served in the US Navy during world war II.

He married Eunice Kennedy, my idea of a very smart man

and as a member of the Kennedy family, was instrumental

in founding the Peace Corps, the war on poverty.

After retiring from politics, Shriver served as president of the special Olympics.

in my opinion, it takes a great man to be mentioned in a sentence with visionaries

like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Fannie Lou Hamer.

Mr. Shriver was that kind of man.

god now has a new hero helping to watch over us.

Founder of the Peace Corps dies at 95

The Sargent Shriver Center

Sargent Shriver



January 17, 2011

Be careful where your charitable donations are going

A so called Navy Charity using the name

U.S. Navy Veterans Association,

has been put out of business, it appears.

For over eight years, This man used a fake name and

a fake business to set up shop all over the country and

scam many unsuspecting persons out of their money.

U.S. Navy Veterans Association Under the radar

Navy Vets leader made unchecked rise

Florida paper profiles fake Navy Vet



January 14, 2011

Florida officers doing the right thing for a WW II Seabee

Volusia County Deputies surprised a widow with a new

flag to replace the one that had been recently stolen.

The four officers not only gave the widow a new flag, but they

also held a formal ceremony to show respect for her husband.

It's good~

Deputies replace Widow's Flag

Deputies pool money and replace stolen Flag



January 10, 2011

A War Hero adjusts to his fame

As member of the American Legion and a Viet Nam Vet,

I understand why our country finds it so important

to honor our veterans.

This man is what a real hero is made of, not just because

of what he did, although what he did was truly amazing,

but because of who he is.

Our young people and new recruits need to read about this young man.

staff sergeant Salvatore Giunta, thank you for teaching our young how to live life.

Humble soldier adjusts to fame



January 5, 2011

Hawaii and the United States Navy, Marines and Air Force have joined

together and are now using Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell SUV's.

this may not be the best example of green energy, but it is  far better than fossil fuel.

the Ford Focus electric hybrid is one of their 5 wired vehicles for 2012.

I believe that it is way past time for the entire country to have

incentives for changing from fossil fuel to electric vehicles.

Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell to us navy

2012 Ford Focus electric teaser photos released



December 29, 2010

An Urgent Message from "Goose" Shipmate Bobby Cribb

We are asking everyone to say a prayer for "Dark Horse"

3rd Battalion, 5th Marines and their families.

They are fighting in Afghanistan and have lost 9 Marines in 4 days.

These marines gave their lives for us

and sadly, The numbers keep growing.

Please honor them by remembering their sacrifices and passing this on.

Semper Fi and God Bless the United states Marines Corps and all of our troops.



December 25, 2010

When will the little things become the biggest thing?

It is great to see things like the U.S. Naval Mobile Construction

Battalion 7 (NMCB-7)building wells in places like Dawa, Ethiopia, not for war,

but because of wars or just because they should.

It would also be great to see this same battalion digging wells and installing

wind generators and solar panels on American Indian Reservations.

Dedication of new Ethiopian well



December 20, 2010

US Navy and the Pentagon becoming serious about Global Warming

Rear Admiral David Titley is, as should many, speaking out loudly

in favor of helping our planet.

As seen in this blog, the military is doing its part to protect our planet.

They are changing the way they use sonar to save marine life,

the navy is using seaweed and other types of Bio Fuel in place of oil and gas.

Hunting our enemies with drones not only saves lives,

it also uses less fuel.

Rebuilding our home ports with up to date equipment will cut pollution drastically.

The Navy is talking to Congress about reusing old retired ships and equipment,

rather than sinking them in our oceans.

The US Navy and Global Warming



December 16, 2010

A Nuclear Aircraft carrier in Florida

The Navy plans to move at least one of their Nuclear Carriers

from Norfolk, Virginia to Jacksonville, Florida.

Anyone alive On December 7th 1941, will tell you that we quickly learned why

we should never have had all of our ships in the same place, at the same time.

In 1940, the Military had moved our West Coast Fleet into what is now

called Battleship Row, making an attack for our enemy like

shooting chickens in a hen house.

Pearl Harbor 1941

as an Environmentalist, I do not approve of Nuclear anything,

however it is here, so we must deal with it.

But with so many Military Vessels now Nuclear, a repeat of the

attack of Pearl Harbor would be even more devastating.



December 12, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

My question is, who cares?

As an old salt from the 60's era, I am having a problem with what all of the fuss is about.

In my short stay in the Navy, from Boot Camp to discharge,

I had many friends now called "gays" in the military.

At no time, was there a problem with our friendship.

as one of my best friends said once, "you're not my type"

Worked for me, he was not my type either.

The only thing that should matter is when needed, I trusted knowing that he had my back!

While working on a Cargo ship, sometimes 12 to 14 hours on and 8 hours off,

things can happen, so it was good to know that you could always trust

your shipmates to watch your back when you were tired.

If a person is of another race, who cares?

If a person is of another religion, who cares?

Can this person do the job?

This is all that should matter.



December 7, 2010

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Today we honor all of those who gave their lives defending America.

Please join with me in saying a prayer of thanks for their great sacrifices.

Pearl Harbor History



December 5, 2010

Merry Christmas from Navy Dads!

To find information about a Navy or Marine member of your family,

you should go to their web site at:



December 1, 2010

Korean Crisis demonstrates need for stronger Navy

From what I have been reading in this blog and elsewhere,

I believe that having 600 ships may be overkill?

Korean Crisis

We have about 11 aircraft carriers:

Navy Ships

78 submarines:

(72 active and 6 under construction).

Navy Submarines

A wiser move, in my opinion, would be to put some of the carriers and subs

into dry dock and convert them into the newer, drone type robotic ships.



November 27, 2010

Can our past truly help us with our future?

Today the uss George Washington entered the yellow sea.

Koreas clash

I believe this administration has it right showing our determination

for peace, before the need to use force when it is too late.

Soon after the first and second world wars, the free countries

wanting only peace turned their backs on South Korea, while

the aggressors brutally pushed their way into the country.

this became the first of our losing conflicts, the Korean war.

Korean war

Korean war - Wikipedia



November 25, 2010

The US Navy has come a long way Baby!

Not only do we have drones hunting the Taliban, al-Qaeda

and the Coyotes smuggling immigrants across our borders,

but soon we will have a ship that can act like a drone

and can hunt, unmanned, for submarines.

Now if they could only get some robotic warriors,

we could bring all of our soldiers home.

New US Navy Robotic Subs



November 22, 2010

Rebuilding the US Navy Ports

I am one of many frugal taxpayers in this country,

however, I am also very aware of the fact that we still need

to maintain a first class navy around the world today.

As shown in this story, the US Navy must find ways to

overhaul our naval Ports in this country.

I know from personal experience in the 60's at

one of my home ports, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

at that time, she was a pretty good base of operation,

however like me, she is getting up in years, unlike me,

she can be remade, let's do so now before its too late.

Norfolk was built in 1767 as the Gosport Royal Navy Shipyard

and in 1862 after making repairs, the US Navy purchased the Base.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Overhauling US Navy Ports



November 19, 2010

Aircraft Carrier sunk to become another reef

As with our beloved "Goose", the uss Oriskany, another

decommissioned navy ship was sunk off of our coast.

the uss oriskany CV-34 will now spend her

retirement caring for a new kind of crew.

how many shipmates tried and failed, as we from the "goose" did,

to save these old war horses from a watery grave

to be used as a location for our reunions?

I know that like me, my shipmates will also miss walking around on her decks.

I guess that it was her time?

After all of the oil and other pollutants are washed away,

many of the marine life who have lost their natural habitat

will now have new homes.

Decommissioned Navy Ship to become a new reef



November 16, 2010

The USS Kirk and the Lucky Few

This news story is important, I feel, because it shows that our military is on the job doing

many things other than waging war, while saving lives even at a great risk to themselves.

The heroes on the USS Kirk ( all of the crew), spent the closing moments of the

Viet Nam conflict at the Fall of Saigon in 1975, rescuing some 30,000 Vietnamese men,

women and children, with no news fanfare, just caring for people.

Smithsonian premiers documentary film



November 12, 2010

Navy Told to Avoid Whales

I say that any plan aimed at protecting our marine mammals,

such as whales, porpoises and seals, no matter how small, is a good plan.

We must remember that marine mammals can and do hold their breath

for a very long time, so that they will not be seen.

Correct me if I am mistaken, but I remember back in the '60's,

when navy sonar was picking up these mammals

so this sonar must be shut down because these mammals

can pick up the navy sonar from well over a mile away.

And finally, why is the Navy setting off explosives in the middle

of the ocean, when the conflicts are all taking place in sand?

Navy told to avoid whales during exercises

Another story shows the Navy does not care as much for West Coast Whales

Navy Authorized to Use Sonar



November 9, 2010

He can't vote anyway

"An editorial cartoon with the flag-draped coffin

of a military service member with a caption that said,

basically, that vote does not count anyway."

No disrespect intended

As a reader and a Veteran, I would think that a news reporter,

especially an editor, should have done a much better job of proof reading

this article being printed in a large military town like Jacksonville, Florida.

Just when you've started to relax from all of the political back biting and

the voting is over, they had to put this in the Jacksonville times-union!



November 7, 2010

Why are we building ships in Germany?

Crowds cheer as new Disney cruise ship floated out in Germany.

Disney Dream Ship Floats out in Germany

Why would our government allow big business like Disney to go

to Italy and Germany to spend money when this country is

shutting down our shipyards for lack of work?

Avondale Shipyard Closing

What was the cost to build the Disney Dream?

Around $1 billion dollars.

Bigger Bills for Disney Ships

The Disney Fantasy is still being built!

The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder were built in Italy.

Disney is tight lipped on the cost of their other ships.

Wiki Disney Cruise Line

For many months in the media I saw that the Democrats and Republicans

are looking for common ground for how to work on ways to get

our people back to work.

The politicians pick on the president because of this high unemployment,

why not come together to help keep shipyards open for lucrative business

like cruiser ship building?

American companies and workers need to change and build better for less.



November 5, 2010

If you read it in the paper it must be true?

Obama is not taking ships with him to India

No! we always have ships around that area.

No! The trip did not cost 200 billion dollars.

No! Our president did not deploy one third of our navy for his trip to India.

During his nearly hour long Press Conference/meeting yesterday,

President Obama did not shy away from any of the questions

from the media and there were some pretty tough ones.



November 1, 2010

"the following is a passage in Hamid Dabashi’s

Iran: A People Interrupted

Some say it’s an actual radio conversation between

a US chief of naval operations and what he believed

to be another vessel. Others claim it’s just a joke.

Either way, it’s a brilliant statement about US foreign policy."

US Naval Chief: Please divert your course fifteen degrees to the North to avoid a collision.

Unidentified Vessel: Recommend you divert your course fifteen degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

US Naval Chief: This is the captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert your course.

Unidentified Vessel: No, I say again, divert your course.

US Naval Chief: This is the aircraft carrier Enterprise. We are a large warship of the US Navy. Divert your course now!

Unidentified Vessel: This is a lighthouse. Your call.


October 30, 2010

Looking for some good news about my Navy?

About the Navy

I was in this man's Navy some 45 years ago and

enjoyed every minute of that experience.

I thought that you may be interested in some reasons why?



October 28, 2010

Navy tests seaweed power

I am not sure about using seaweed/diesel as a fuel on all ships,

however, I have had a web site about alternative energy for

several years concerning the use of algae or bio fuels

that have been shown to work very well.

US Navy Tests Seaweed



October 26, 2010

Naval Station Norfolk

Goose shipmates talk about reliving history, read about

the history of the largest naval base in the world.

I am talking about our own home port in Norfolk, Virginia.

Norfolk Naval Station History



October 24, 2010

Hooah to the Veteran’s in King, N.C.

"Christian Flag Day"

I say enough is enough.

where is the state in a Veteran’s Memorial Park?

Where is the church in a Veteran’s Memorial Park?

Where were the members of the ACLU while our veteran’s

were fighting and dying for their right to butt in at a veteran’s affair?


Semper Fi  to the citizens of King, N.C.

King's concerned citizens fired back with protests, walks,

rallies and public displays of the Christian flag in homes,

businesses and on cars. Monday past was officially declared

"Christian Flag Day" for this town of nearly 7,000.

Calm winds and following sea’s from me to you all.

Military Veterans vs King, N.C.



October 22, 2010

Bad luck comes in threes

I was reading the swampland blog yesterday and the navy said bad luck comes in threes.

I believe A submarine that now costs some $2 billion dollars should not

have stealth coating, I say let the enemy know that we are stalking them!

As for The F-35 fuel pump problems, how many types of air craft

do we need now for flying over our bombing ranges?

I do want the USS San Antonio up and running because we could

also use her to keep the pirates in check and help our shipping industry.

Bad Luck comes in threes



October 20, 2010

The USS Betelgeuse has a sister ship.

Did you know that you can still sail the sea on our sister ship?

Well maybe not the sea, however you can enjoy history on the

USS American Victory Ship



October 18, 2010

Because they can......

In this day and age with all of the improvement in science

and with our economy in the tank, why is our government

still practicing bombing with real ammo?

What's going on at Pinecastle?

Should the Navy Vacate Vieques?



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